Taking a break…

August 2, 2023

Some days are harder than others…

I took some time away, maybe almost a year now? (More than, now that I’m finally editing and posting this.) I still posted here and there and overall I still kept up a smaller but still present social media appearance. But overall I stepped away. Why? Honestly, it became overwhelming in a way I didn’t enjoy. So I stepped away. I started my blog in college as a passion project, just something to do in my spare time that I enjoyed. I lost that somewhere along the way. It started to feel less like something I did because I found it enjoyable and more like a chore. I found it hard to carve out time for things like looking for sales and new fashion trends. Becoming a mom and transitioning into being a SAHM kind of rocked my entire world and sent me spiraling, even though this is without a doubt where I want to be and what I want to be doing. I lost the passion I had for other things, and while trying to keep up with it, I was losing focus as a mother. I just could not find the middle ground anywhere and it was beyond frustrating for me.

So I stepped away from what I thought I wanted, my blog and being an influencer, and tried to relearn the things that made me happy. I’ve spent more time reading and baking, more time with brandon at home on trips and dates. The kids and I have spent twice the amount of time outside and together just having fun and learning new things together. This summer has been so eye opening to me and while my family and I transition into another new area of life for us, I feel like i want to relearn my love for the things i enjoyed before the kids were born.

I’ve decided to keep my blog. I’m going to work on a rebrand and hopefully that will be fully done within the next six months, but truly I’m in no hurry. I want to enjoy life with no deadlines and rushing. I’m learning to love the season of life I’m in and trying to stop rushing though it to the next one. This is something I’ve always wanted. To be a SAHM and take care of my home and my children and just be there and have fun with them. So I will and I am. But I like to share things and help others so this will be the foundation on which I build up and start anew. I want something that’s simple and brings be joy again. Thank you so much for reading and hopefully you’ll stick around as I rediscover my own little piece on the internet!

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