Wholesome girl summer

May 30, 2022

Hot girl summer was fun but it wasn’t really my thing, if it’s yours then go off sis I’m happy for you! It personally wasn’t mine and that’s ok! And if it was yours but now it’s not that’s ok too! With that being said if you’re looking for something different I give you Wholesome girl summer. What is it? I have no idea we’re going to figure it out together. But I’ll lay the foundation.

It’s picnics and reading good books. Making sweets from scratch and floral arrangements to gift to friends. It’s dinner parties and throwback songs. It’s loving your partner deeply and slow dancing in the kitchen. It’s the simple things you do that bring you joy. I think every week ill share something to add to it. A new book or recipe or maybe just something that makes me happy! I’m excited about the things to come.

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