Habits I’m bringing with me into 2022

January 3, 2022

Today I’m sharing the habits that I’m bringing with me into the new year instead of the ones I’m leaving behind or going to try and start because let me be honest 2021 was a hard year for me as a mom, a homemaker, a spouse, and my mental health as well. I struggled with the loss of who I was before the babies and snuggling with how to find who I was as a mom. I was fighting internal battles and it was finally starting to show on the outside. So I made changes, I did some soul searching, I talked about how I felt more and things started getting better a little bit at times. So today I want to share the changes that I made that I’m bringing with me, the little things that have brought me joy and served me well.

  1. The first thing is waking up before the babies, and no I don’t do this everyday just yet but on the days I do I can feel the change. Being able to have the morning to myself to drink my coffee and have even few minutes to myself has made such a big difference.
  2. Drinking more water is next, this may seem silly but for a while I was surviving only on caffeine. And my body was protesting so I’ve been trying to make a point to drink more water and less sugary drinks
  3. Sourdough making is a new one I’m still getting the hang of but I’m detrmined to become better at it.
  4. Keeping up with taking my vitaims is next, ill be good about this for a few days or weeks at a time and then just fall off but I’ve recently det remiders for this and it has made a difference.
  5. Reading more is next. Before the babies I was an avid reader and aftwer they were born I just stopped. I made up reasons why I couldn’t read anymore. Ive made the point to add that back into my routine because Its somthing for me to do outside of my phone/laptop.
  6. Planning the week out makes at home life feel more organzied, sometimes the days can blur together when everyday is a vartiation of the same thing over and over. So I’ve started writting it all down, any appointments or lunches, the meals I’m making for the week, and any goals or things that I want to get done before moving on to the next week

I’m so excited and happy to share these habits that have served me so incredibly well this year. Most all of them are health or home-related. I hope this gives some good ideas, share you healthy habits you want to continue on with this next year in the comments below!

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