October Edit

October 12, 2021

Sherpa | Fall book | Green sweater | Cardigan | Tan sweater | Blush dress | Ghost serving plates | Bracelet stack | Skeleton | Purple dress | Headband | Pumpkin candle | Earrings

Happy October! I am here for all the coziness that comes with this month. September may be the official start of fall but October is when the temps really start to drop here in NC. I’m sharing all the creamy blush/hunter-green-inspired pieces I own or am eyeing!

In this post, you can find fun dresses for the pumpkin patch all the way to thanksgiving or a flirty fall date. Have a party to host or just looking for a cozy night in? This ghost plater and pumpkin candle are fun additions to both!

This post was fun to make and is getting me in the fall mode even more than ever! Which piece was your favorite? leave a comment below and let me know!

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