Weekend Rewind: Vol 1

May 7, 2021

We had one of those long weekends filled with errands and fun trips and lots of friend time and it was the absolute best. On Friday Brandon had off so we packed the kids up in the morning and took trip to Aloha Zoo. It’s nicknamed the backyard zoo because it really is that, all of the animals are rescues. Emilia had so much fun and Kash pretty much slept the whole time but we still loved it. When we got home everyone had lunch and took nice long naps, mama included! For dinner we had pizza on the back deck and it was just such a nice day,

Saturday we ran errands dropped the kids off with grandparents and then had some friends over for dinner and drinks. We don’t get to do that very often so it was nice. Sunday was a day of deep cleaning and after that relaxing. It was a nice longer weekend that we normally get and I loved every second of it. Such a great few days off!

4 things I’m loving

Anything Tubby Todd! I used all of their products on my babies and it’s been so helpful with their skin.

This adorable pink dress is currently in my cart just waiting for me to get it!

I have a few pairs of Quay sunglasses now and I love them. Super cute and affordable.

This Buddy Love set is on repeat. I can’t stop wearing it. It washes really well and doesn’t shrink!

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