4 of Instagram’s most hyped products: Are they worth it?

November 13, 2020

Hi friends, it’s happening, it’s time. I’ve picked four products that I can’t escape from on Instagram stories. I tested them each for a little bit and now I’m dishing the dirt. Do they really work or are people lying because they get paid off these reviews? Let’s do this.

1.Verb Energy Bars

The ever infamous Verb bars. Tiny little pick me energy bars with only 90 calories and 100mg of caffeine. These bad boys have flooded the blogger world. I have yet to hear anyone say they taste bad or that they don’t work. Well here’s my opinion on them, they don’t taste the best but they aren’t awful either. My favorite by far was either the coconut chai or vanilla latte. But to me, I don’t get that incredible spurt of energy everyone talks about? Now I will say I have a very high tolerance to caffeine so that could be in because I let my MIL try one and she felt like she’d just taken a shot of expression so I may give them another go and try again after the baby is born. Final rating: 3.5 out of 5. Possibly worth it. You can try them for yourself here.

2. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

I think I’ve talked about this product maybe one other time on my blog, can’t quite remember. But everyone, and I mean pretty much everyone has talked about this product at some point on another. I got it after seeing everybody rave over it and with as long as my hair has gotten brushing and drying was becoming a pain. And honestly? Love it, really really love it. It’s cut out sometimes because I’m not fighting with my hairdryer and hairbrush at the same time and it’s like getting a blow out at home. I will say it can get hot so if you have thinner hair use with caution. Final rating: 5 out 5. To me it’s worth it, decide for yourself by shopping here, and it’s on sale right now!

3. Tula Eye Balm

Okay, let’s talk Tula. I feel like every blogger ever has said this may be the best skincare line there is. I never could commit to trying it until now. It seemed too good to be true ya know? So here’s the tea on the eye balm. I have officially tried all three and here are my thoughts. Firstly they pair nicely with makeup which is a plus but I have just worn them as skincare. The blue one, the OG original, the one that started it all. I like this one, it’s very cooling and really wakes you up. It’s good for depuffing and dark circles. This I feel like is a goto for mamas with newborns. Now onto the rose glow, this is their top seller and works best for helping give you a little glow highlight action and targeting fine lines. I don’t love the rose glow but with that being said I do still use it. I like to add it over my makeup around 3 or 4 o’clock as a refresher for brighter eyes and a pick me up because y’all mama is tired. Their newest eye blam is glow hour it’s the best for targeting dark circles. I’ve seen other influencers use it as a bronzy highlight but for me, it works best under my eyes because of my tan complexion. Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5. I found a use for all of them but that doesn’t mean you can/will. Find which one works best for you. You can shop for all three here.

4. The Bille Razor

Ah, the ever so popular Billie razor. I’ve seen lots of mixed reviews on this one, from what I can gather you either really love this razor or you hate it. I don’t think I fall into either, because while I don’t love everything about it I don’t hate it either. Here’s why. Razors for me are something I hardly give a thought to. I buy whatever I see at the drugstore, complain about the price, and think, “Seriously?!“, then forget to replace the blade and wonder why on earth I’ve got razor burn. It’s a monthly cycle. So I ordered the Billie and I have been testing it out, here’s what I think. Is it the best shave I have ever gotten? No, not really. Is it still a really good shave? Yes, so far I have no razor burn either which was a plus because I’ve got sensitive skin when it comes to things like this. I think my favorite part is the convenience of the razor, blades, and all the extras being sent right to my door, and of course that it’s only $9. Final Rating: 3.9 out of 5. I enjoy mine but know its not for everyone, but if you think its for you, shop it here.

If you try any of these products be sure to let me know if you love them or not! I love the feedback!!

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State,


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