10 Things: October 2020

October 29, 2020

Hey, Y’all! I haven’t done one of these since December 2018! That’s so crazy to me because these have always been my favorite posts to make! It is well past being overdue, with that being said, it’s time for my favorite series on the blog to make a reappearance where I take you through the good, the bad, the great, and the ugly of the month. Let’s jump to it, shall we?

  1. I want to start by saying I have quite a few products to share this month, one of those being these shoes. I’m not a tennis shoe girl. Never have been, but I’ve been trying to take Emilia outside to run around and go more walks and that has required some better shoes. So far I am obsessed with these. The color is to die for and they feel like walking in a cloud.
  2. We’ve known since I was about 15 weeks (I’m about 34 weeks and four days as I’m writing this) so we knew for a while but we finally announced that baby number 2 is a BOY! Y’all I’m still in shock I’m going to be a boy mom come December, like what??
  3. While we’re on the subject of babies and pregnancy can I just say that I’m feeling pretty attacked that no one bothered to mention to me how hard your second pregnancy can be on your body? I’m talking like I feel like I was hit with a wrecking ball about 18 hours in 24 hours. And on top of all that, with this pregnancy, I happen to be severely anemic so that’s been fun having to work through.
  4. My absolute favorite foundation is under $40 at Nordstrom right now! I wear it pretty much all the time unless I’m going to be somewhere like the beach. Also as a sidebar- Nordstrom is price matching right now!
  5. Emilia and I took our last girls to the beach before her brother comes in five weeks, which is still so crazy to me.
  6. With as good as the month has been it has also had it’s ugly. My uncle passed away at the very end of last month and it was heartbreaking and so unexpected. The whole family is still in shock and I’m doing my best to work through my grief and not let it overcome me. Brandon and Emilia have been a huge help with that.
  7. Is it weird we’ve been talking about Halloween for a while now and I somehow still forgot it was a thing? I picked up Emilia’s costume LAST weekend and it took forever to find a cute one because everyone is already putting up Christmas decor! But y’all I get a good giggle every time she’s in it, I can’t wait.
  8. Even though I’ve already had one baby, with everything going on in the world I’m not sure what to bring in my hospital bag this time around? There are so many unknown factors, like how long we’ll stay and if they’ll allow guests by December. I’m just at a loss, but I plan on packing soon, and hopefully, I’ll get that up for y’all
  9. One thing I’ve been struggling with this pregnancy is my anemia, my blood iron levels have dropped pretty low this time around and it has not been a fun thing to navigate through.
  10. Ending on a happy note, I’ve already started picking up Christmasy things here and there and I am over the moon so excited about it, not only will we have our newest Finlan by then but also because Emilia is old enough to enjoy the lights and all the fun activities this year. I can’t wait!

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State,


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