Coffee Date No. 9: A look into how our lives have been

September 14, 2020

Hi friends. I think the last time I posted a gossip post was in January, so it’s safe to say we’re a bit overdue for a life update. And a lot has changed for us in these last months. Really guys almost eight whole months since I sat down and had full life day-to-day of our lives chat with y’all. How did that even happen?

If you’re new to my Gossip series, welcome! The idea behind this started when I realized I wanted a way to share more “real-life” with you than the small bits and glimpses you’d find here and on Instagram. So join me as I share what always manages to be an extra wordy update on life these past few months.

We’ve moved, Emilia turned one, announced we’re having another baby, and I’ve started back to school full time. So much to cover. You know the drill. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and let’s catch up!

So first things first let’s talk about the newest addition to our family due December 2020! A baby boy will be joining us at the end of the year and we couldn’t be more thrilled! When we first out it was a bit of a shock, especially after Emilia. Now looking back it’s easier to see because personally for me these to pregnancies have been very different.

With Emilia, I was sick right up until I had her, and then in labor. So far with him, I stopped being sick around 12 weeks but I’m having a lot of physical pains that I didn’t have with Emilia. Back and hip pain is manageable but how he’s currently positioned he’s causing a lot of pressure on my ribs that takes my breath away sometimes and even forces me to lay down. So it has been an adjustment for sure.

This year has been so busy and crazy if I’m being honest. I mentioned we moved, which happened back in May like two days before Emilia’s first birthday. And we will be moving again next May because we’re renting and don’t love the house/price were at right now.

And on top of all that I’ve started back to school so life has just been go go go lately for us and I’ve been struggling to find a balance between being a mom, a student, and my blogging but I’m working on it every day and I feel like I’m getting closer.

Things have been crazy for us from the moment 2020 to started, but we couldn’t be more grateful for the blessings we’ve been offered in the chaos.

Lots of love from the the Tar Heel State


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