What’s in my beach bag: Pregnancy & Toddler Edition

July 30, 2020

Hi friends! I wanted to do a fun little post since I haven’t been posting a lot lately, I have a long one I’m in the process of writing explaining all the whys and where’s and what’s so keep an eye out of that.

But for today’s actual post I’m sharing what I took with me when I spent some time at the beach with my one-year-old the other weekend. Since having Emilia everything about what I carry with me has changed, and that includes my beach bag. Hope you enjoy it!

What’s in my Beach bag

The first thing I want to mention is the bag I carry, now if you know you know. I have the Bogg Bag in the smaller size, I would love to have the bigger one but it’s almost impossible to find and honestly, this size still works well for me. I love this bag for the beach or pool because of the material it’s made of is super easy to clean.

Now let’s dive into the bag itself. The first thing that was a must in my bag was extra swim diapers. We love these because unlike normal diapers they don’t swell and hold all that extra water and get gross. Next is a change of clothes, I really just took off Emilia’s swimsuit and then put her swim cover back on her because it’s like a little dress made from a towel material. And while I tried my best to keep her hat on her head it did end up in my bag about 20 minutes into it.

The next thing that was tossed in my bag was snacks for both of us. Emilia is a snacker over a full mealtime kinda kid so I always try and have different snacks on hand. Her favorites right now are raisins and veggie straws. Another item I made sure to have was water I tend to bring my yeti everywhere we go and Emilia loves it so we found her this big girl cup and it’s been a huge hit and is now her favorite cup.

The rest of the items we took with us were normal beach items, towels, chairs, an umbrella and sunscreen. But, this little thing right here from Amazon? You need this for your kids. Game changer, especially if you’re like me and hate getting sunscreen on your hands!

And that wraps up what I took with me to the beach! Ill leave everything linked down below.

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State,


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