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July 6, 2020

Happy holiday weekend y’all! I think I may actually be the worst blogger there ever was but that’s totally fine, it’s a work in progress. I didn’t even realize how much time needed to be put into it to keep up it going weekly and the add in the fact my one-year-old is a wild child it’s been tough.

Life has just been in a constant state of go go go fro what feels like months now, so many changes and things going on. I’m looking forward to celebrating and relaxing this weekend that’s for sure.

Before we jump into the weekend ahead, be sure to check out the cutest items I’ve added to my cart from this past week

  1. First up are these super fun statement earrings! I love a good fun earring to dress up a casual outfit and this pack has 16 pairs for under $30!
  2. The prettiest monogrammed key wallet ever. I usually carry a full-sized wallet but I’m finding it’s a little too bulky for me these days. I don’t carry much more than my ID and debit card anymore expect on the rare occasion so a downsize will be nice, plus I’m a sucker for a monogram.
  3. I’m a little behind the ball on this one but I’m finally getting around to reading ‘Where the Crawl dads sing.’ It’s been sitting on my shelf for far too long so I think I’m going to dust it off and start it this weekend
  4. The next thing is Katey Mcfarlans Starbucks order she posted. A skinny iced vanilla latte with one pump of raspberry? I mean yum! I tried it for the first time the other day and will for sure be ordering it again.

Wishing you a fun holiday weekend and a happy fourth of July!

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State!


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