What’s in my diaper bag for my ONE year old!

May 15, 2020

Hey, Y’all! Today’s blog post has a corresponding video which I will leave linked right here! I have made a few other posts similar to this when Emilia was younger which can also be found here & here. One was from when she was about three months old and the other when she was six months old. So it has been a little bit since I’ve updated this post.

And the reason for the update is because what I use for and bring for her now is completely different than what I used for her when she was three and six months old. The only thing that has stayed the same is the diaper bag itself.

It may seem dumb to others but if I’m going to be carrying a bag, especially a diaper bag I want it to be versatile and useful but also cute (DUH). The diaper bag I use and swear by is the Fawn Design bag. I use the original ( I have it in three colors) but I also have the mini. Everything I carry will fit in both bags but, personally I like my original.

What’s in my bag

The first thing is a water cup. Emilia gets thirsty just like I do / would when we got out and it’s not always a bottle that she wants. We love this sippy cup. We’ve tried a few different ones but she prefers the ones with straws. This one is nice becuase the cup is spill-proof and the straw is weighted. I will also carry a bottle and formula if I know we’re going to be out for longer periods of time. I still use this little dispenser to carry the formula in.

Emilia is obviously still in diapers so I do still carry those in our diaper bag. I really love the Hello Bello diapers because of how soft they are. And we either use these wipes or these wipes.

The next part of my diaper bag is like my sanitation section. I have hand sanitizer, wet ones, and Clorox wipes all in there. People are nasty and don’t wash their hands and just germs. Gross. I wipe down everything before Emilia gets in/touches in. This may seem crazy but I don’t play when it comes to my baby and the chances of getting sick.

The next part of my diaper bag holds the cute little Vera Bradley pouch, and yes I will already tell you I have more than one and color coordinate them with the color of the diaper bag I use at that time. Moving on, inside the pouch, I keep a travel-sized tube of diaper rash cream, alcohol-free hand sanitizer and a small sample size of baby lotion.

This next item has changed our going out to eat experience with Emilia 10 fold. So if you have a baby who self feeds you know the struggle with going out to eat with them, restaurants do not carry baby proof things and went the try to set down a plate in front of her the chances of her wanting to throw the plate on the floor and break it are very high. So when I found this I had to get it.

It’s called the mama must-have restaurant bag. It’s a small bag that comes with food scissors and a silicone placemat that sticks to the table. Everything is washable and reusable so clean up time has been cut in half. I also keep her bib in there too so all of her eating necessities are in one easy to grab bag. I’m pretty sure it’s sold out right now but I’ll keep an eye on it and let y’all know when it restocks!

One thing I carry that has changed from when Emilia was little is snacks. So I always try and keep some type of snack in there for her. This girl loves to eat and sometimes it’s an easy way to prevent a meltdown when we’re out of the house for a while.

The last things in my diaper bag are for me, so I obviously keep my wallet in there, I have some random lipgloss and a chapstick, my keys, and if I remember I’ll grab a snack for me too!

I think thats it for everything I keep in there on a daily basis, I plan to do and IGTV video showing my diaper bag and how I pack it do if you want a visual I’ll leave the link to that right here once it up!

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State


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