5 Habits for a good/productive day at home.

March 27, 2020

Hey, Y’all! With everyone staying home/ working from home with everything going on in the world I thought I would share what I do to get the most out of my day at home.

*These are in so specific order*

1). Having a clean space

Now I know this can be hard for some people. But trust me it helps. Having a clean space just makes the day feel and me feel so much better. So when I get up I make the bed and then go about picking up other things around the house. Like maybe the dishwasher can be unloaded or the laundry started.

Since I am a stay at home mom it is easy for me to pick up around the house as the day goes. But you can always do this at night before you go to bed. Waking up to a clean space just makes the morning feel so much better.

2). Have quiet time

I’ve found that spending my morning time before Emilia get us reading either a new book or my bible with my coffee for the first 30 – 60 minutes really makes me feel good and helps get my day going in a good direction.

It may feel like there are a million other more important things to jump-start your day with, but take it from me. My day is always more joy-filled with I take this first step to just breathe and relax and enjoy the quiet before my tiny ball of chaos rises from her slumber.

3). Plan your day

If you don’t already do this let me tell you. Game. Changer. Once I had Emilia I had to really sit and plan out my day so I either don’t forget or becuase I get so sucked into something I won’t pay attention to the time. If I write it down and see it on paper or set a reminder on my phone it keeps me on track and not all over the place.

4). Take shower and get ready

I know, I know. This sounds so “duh!” But you might start to realize just how easy it is to stay in sweaty workout clothes (or pjs) all day if you jump straight into work! Force yourself to take a shower, put on makeup and select an outfit for the day. Even if it’s just leggings and a t-shirt, I always feel happier when I feel put together!

5). Quittin’ time

Firstly, I only work when Emilia is having self playtime or napping. But having a set time to shut my laptop and put it in a different room is so nice. Give yourself this challenge: watch a tv show, eat dinner, or go for a walk without your phone

I’ve found that my evenings “off” are so much more fulfilling and restful when I don’t waste them scrolling on my phone. I promise you will enjoy that tv show, dinner conversation or nightly walk 100x more without the distraction of a screen. Don’t believe me? Just try it!

And there you have it friends five of my tips to have a good and productive day!

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State


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