My favorite kitchen essentials

March 23, 2020

Happy Tuesday Y’all! Today I wanted to round up some of the most-used items in our kitchen. Most items I’m listing can be found on amazon but I find a lot of them randomly at places like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.

Meal Prep Containers

While I’m more a fan of the glass container the plastic ones work great as well. We have more meal prep containers than actual Tupperware in our cabinets these days. Brandon has been very into meal prepping his food for the week and these containers have been so useful in that regard.

Egg Holder

This little thing has become a favorite of mine. We always have eggs. Always. For breakfast, for them to go in other dishes we make, for snacks, eggs are always something we seem to have on hand. But rearranging the entire fridge around just to keep them from breaking is a pain. So when I stumbled upon this I had to get it. And it has made a difference in my fridge organization game. It holds just under 2 dozen eggs ( 21 to be specific) and it had a hard top that snaps into place so it doesn’t shift around. Now it can place things on top of the eggs without fear of crushing them.

Wire Baskets

I use these baskets for a few different things. Like more than just in my kitchen. Some of them are in Emilia’s room to hold things like her hats and shoes and things like that. But the ones in the kitchen right now have all my baking things in them, so right now I have cookie mix, muffin mix, a box of truffles. Just all the baking things.

Air Tight Containers

I love these. We use them for different things. They hold pasta, chocolate chips, Emilia’s formula, just all kinds of things. They’re airtight and have a seal that locks to keep moisture out so things don’t go bad or get gross from being kept in there. I will say I did get them to make my pantry prettier but that’s neither here nor there. LOL

Bottle Drying Rack

This is something you’ll only care about if you have a baby. This is a drying rack for Emilia’s bottles and its been so nice. Bottles have so many parts and pieces And storing and drying them was a pain before we got this.

Insulated/spillproof cups

I have two different cups to tell you about. Both work just like yetis but are half the price and one is spillproof! They even make a kids version that I’m thinking about getting one for Emilia.

Metal Straws

This is kind of an obvious one. I try to avoid using plastic straws as much as possible. I have so many of these around. I even keep one in the diaper bag. But I did find these on Amazon the other day for those who want to cut back on plastic but aren’t crazy about metal straws.

Water filter

We have this water filter. I actually leave it on the counter and fill Emilia’s bottles with it. I feel like this is another thing that is pretty straight forward. We used to always by water bottles or jugs and this little thing has cut the back.

Reuseable Ziplock Bags

We don’t use ziplock bags all that often so we only have a small stash of these but I like them for snacks for the diaper bag. I think I’ll get more use when Emilia is older and either going to daycare or preschool.

That’s all today for today’s blog post! What are your favorite kitchen items or hacks? Leave them in the comments below!

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State


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