Peloton bike review // 3 months in

March 2, 2020

Right before Christmas, Brandon decided to get us a peloton bike for the house. (Which was just too funny considering the timing of the controversial commercial… oops!)

I was never a huge cycle girl, I wanted to love it, I tried a few classes. But where I live there just are not any good ones to attend. But when we got the bike for the house I was determined ti add it into my everyday routine.

So far I’ve done a decent job with keeping up with it. Today, I’m excited to share an initial review of my experience with it thus far! 

3 months with a Peloton

If I had to sum up my thoughts about the Peloton in one sentence, here it is: I love it even more than I had anticipated. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a few misgivings about the bike that no matter how many reviews I read, I couldn’t shake before actually owning one.


In my with a Peloton, here’s what I’ve found. There is a wide variety of class types based on what you’re looking for, and luckily for me, plenty of classes that are rhythm-based! Now that I think of it, almost every single class I’ve taken has been set to music.

Cody Rigsby, for example, does a lot of fun “Groove” rides that are based on the beat. Ally Love also bases her classes on rhythm as well! I’ve especially enjoyed “Club banngers” and “Pop” rides this far, and have heard great things about Ally Love’s Sunday rides. Excited to find even more that I love as I keep exploring!


Here’s the thing: no matter how convenient a workout is, I’ve found you have to be self-motivated to actually do it. With a Peloton, it’s no different.

I have surprised myself with actually using it more than I had anticipated! Why? Because not only is it sitting right there in my house, but there are also lots of different class-lengths to choose from as well. For example, I love to do a quick 20 mintue every day during nap time.

No having to sign up for a class, fight 30 minutes of traffic there and back, etc. Pure convenience! 

I also know I use it as much as I do because I genuinely have come to love spin class. It’s fun for me! It’s turned into one of my favorite parts of the day! I count it as my me time.

Final thoughts

So all that being said, I absolutely LOVE my Peloton. Ever since I’ve had Emilia and become a SAHM I’ve struggled to find a workout routine.

The Peloton has allowed me to get back into a consistent workout routine, exercising in a way I enjoy while getting a great workout in at the same time. It’s given me back that daily pride of challenging myself mentally and physically. It’s given me the flexibility to workout at whatever time and at whatever intensity level I need.

It’s given me an opportunity for daily movement and interaction in an oftentimes-isolating job. It’s been one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. And don’t forget, I’m all ears for your favorite class and instructor recommendations!

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State


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