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February 18, 2020

Hi friends. Let’s play catch up yeah? I feel like its been forever since I’ve just sat down and *talked* to y’all but I’m here now to clear up why that is.

So last week was Valentine’s week and Emilia turned nine months old. I tried to keep up posting on Instagram but never found the time to just sit with my laptop. Heres why: Emilia got a stomach bug that lasted two days. It was two days filled with lots of baths lots of blowouts and lots of diaper rash cream.

And then when she started getting better it was Valentine’s day. So I was in a mad rush to finish what I was planning for Brandon. We never really agreed on no gifts I guess it was supposed to be an understood thing but I got him something anyway.

He came home with all my favorite sour candy and a cookie cake instead of flowers and that was so much better in my opinion. Instead of going out that night we watched the Outsider on tv and ate cookie cake. It was a great night. We had a fun date planned for the next day after he got off work.

Of course, Saturday morning rolled around, Emilia and I got up at 7 a.m. like normal. But I woke up with a splitting headache I couldn’t shake. It didn’t get better throughout the day no matter what I did. I still managed to get Emilia to my moms for the day and get myself ready for my date with Brandon. We went bowling which was more amusing than anything.

I’m an awful bowler. I think the best I did was 77. But that’s okay becuase I had fun, even if I broke my nail. After we went bowling we went back to the house for a bit and I laid down for a bit hoping to feel better.

I did end up feeling just a tiny bit better when we were leaving to go get Emilia from my moms and we ended up staying at my mom’s for a little bit, ate dinner hung out, had planned to go see Brandon’s sister but as we were leaving my stepdad pointed out he thought I had a fever.

So we went back home and surprise surprise I had a low fever. So I took some medicine, took a shower, and went to bed. Brandon kept Emilia downstairs and watched a basketball game with some friends that came over.

The next day I felt a little better which was good because we had a dual birthday party to be at for my grandparents. The party was at 2 p.m. so we got dressed and head out that way for the afternoon. I thought I was getting better but about 30 mins after we got there I started feeling sick to my stomach.

When we got home later that day I felt so sick, I was okay if I was laying down at first but even then I didn’t feel good at all. Brandon had left to go watch another game which wasn’t an issue becuase Emilia had already gone to bed and I was planning on doing the same but I ended up spending half the night between the bed and the bathroom.

Monday morning rolled around and I finally thought I was getting better until I stood up and had to take Emilia downstairs to change her. Brandon had to come down and get her so I could sprint off to the bathroom to *TMI* throw up.

It was the one and only time I actually got sick in the three days that I had felt bad, after that moring my body just hurt, like all day. I took a three-hour nap and my stomach and head didn’t hurt after that nap but man if I didn’t feel like my skin was a hooked up to a live wire.

I am happy to say that this morning (Tuesday) I feel 100x better. I still plan to rest for a few days but I can’t wait to get back into creating content, working out, and all the other things I do in my daily life.

Thank y’all for stopping by to listen to my rambling all about my last week being sick, and busy with just life in general.

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State,


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