The sweetest winter to spring transition sweater

February 7, 2020

I was gifted the loveliest sweater for my birthday on Monday and I knew as soon as I saw it that it would make the perfect winter to spring transition piece. I styled it in three different ways. Edgy (which for me is just black jeans and some boots), mom-friendly (my go-to,) and date night. Everything will be linked at the bottom Enjoy!

I used to think I was really punk rock in high school. The joke was on me though becuase I’m pretty much the girliest southern girl I know. It was a short-lived dream of dyed hair, combat boots, and lots of band tees. These days some black skinny jeans and ankle boots with a chunky buckle are about as edgy as I can get.

The mom-friendly look is more my go-to these days. And while I miss the times I could wear some nice heels or booties it’s just not very practical for me anymore. Not when my (almost) nine-month-old is constantly on the move and getting into everything she’s not supposed to be.

The last look is perfect for a simple date night. Cute flirty and still casual enough that it can be worn to most outings.

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State,


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