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January 31, 2020

‘Currently Crushing” is back for 2020 and it’s been re-named but, that’s not all I’m changing. It isn’t just products anymore. This month, it includes my favorite recipe at the moment, a workout routine that’s making me very happy, and the TV show I can’t stop watching.

1. I’ve re-discovered my love for psychological thrillers after I was gifted “Into the Water,” buy Paula Hawkins this Christmas. I’m not very far into it yet but I’m already so anxious to see where it goes!

2. We got a Peloton. And I am living for it. I was never a really big cycle girl but having one in our house has made really fall in love with it. It’s helped me build a routine that I’ve been missing since having Emilia. And I feel good. I’m so much happier when I work out.

I love that it’s more than just cycle classes. I can do yoga or HIIT training. Whatever I’m in the mood for really. And with all of the choices in classes, in the last month or so that we’ve had it, I’ve started to shed the last of the baby weight I thought I was never going to lose. And that makes giddy.

3. Another Christmas gift, but I’ve just started putting this one to use, is my Instapot. I’m a crockpot girl through and through but I wanted to just give it a go and see how It worked after a trial and error run of about 30 minutes. I finally figured out who to work it and then made some of the best chicken tacos ever.

So I like to call them chicken crack tacos. And you only need four things to make them. First is obviously the chicken, I can feed myself, Brandon (who will eat anywhere from 4-12 depending on the day,) Emilia and still have leftovers. Let me explain.

I get a pack of chicken breast, they normally have about three. I put them in the InstaPot and pressure cook them for TEN minutes. Then I take the chicken out and shred it. Next, the chicken goes back into the InstaPot where you add the next three ingredients. Taco seasoning, hot salsa, and cream cheese.

Mix all of these together, pressure cook it again for two minutes, stir it one more time and then serve with your toppings of choice. Everyone loves it. I think I’ve made it three times already in the last two weeks.

4. Okay so let’s talk about the Blacklist. I know I know. It’s not a new tv show but it’s new to me. I was told I needed to watch it forever ago, that it was right up my ally. And man was my mama right. I can’t stop! Every episode feels like a cliffhanger. 10/10 recommend if you like crime shows.

5. My planner. Normally I’d get a day designer and just use that for everything but I was gifted a Lilly Pulitzer planner this year so I’m using that. I forgot how much I like using a weekly planner vs a day planner. It’s slimmer and lighter so it’s much easier to carry around with me.

That’s it for Today’s post! I’m going to keep it to five things a week, it’s much simpler that way. I hope Y’all enjoyed it! What’s one thing you’re loving this week?

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