Traveling with my 8 month old

January 27, 2020

Hey, Y’all! Today’s post is going to be about a recent trip I took with Emilia. If you follow along on my Instagram. Then you already know Emilia and I just went on a trip to Massanutten Virginia. From where we live that’s about a five-hour drive. Anding on the stops we had to make for gas, to eat, to let the dogs out and for Emilia to get out of her car seat to stretch and have her diaper changed.

So, to start things off I want to go over my packing list for Emilia. I plan to break it down into two sections; One: the things I brought solely for the car ride. Two: things I brought for the trip its self.

For the car

So after many long talks about it, Brandon and I decided to get a tablet for Emilia solely for the purpose of this trip. Emilia gets ‘screen time’ I’m not one to stress over it. There are only two tv shows that can keep her attention for more than a second and I’m okay with that. So we got her the kids Kindle Fire but at this age, she could care less about it besides the fact that she can watch the Octonauts sing the creature report song. So I’ve used it a few more times since we’ve been home. But it made the car ride there a lot smoother.

The next thing that was a big help was a new car seat. And I may give a whole review of the car seat after we’ve used it for more than a week but so far I have no complaints about it. We went to BuyBuyBaby the day before the trip and bought her a convertible car seat. She just was no longer happy in her infant one her feet could already extend past the kickplate and she just cried the whole time so we thought it would be a good time for an upgrade. The one we purchased was the Graco Grows4Me 4-in-1 car seat. Like I said so far I have no complaints about it and Emilia seems much happier in her big girl seat.

The next big thing that was a major lifesaver on our trip was snacks snacks snacks. And premade bottles. We use the Dr. Brown bottles filled with water and then bring formula in this container.

TOYS. Okay, I cannot stress this enough you guys. New toys that you baby (or toddler) have never played with for a long trip is so important. New things keep them entertained longer. I do my best to follow the Montessori style of play for Emilia. So basically how it works for us, she has maybe 5-10 toys within her reach and eyesight that she can get too on her own, and about every one to two weeks I rotate them so she never gets bored and never has all her toys at once. She does, however, have access to all her books.

With that being said Emilia got a lot of toys from Christmas and she hasn’t even played with half of them yet so instead of moving her toys around that week I just packed some of her new ones to keep her busy not only in the car but while we were in the mountains as well and it worked like a charm.

For the trip

For the trip it’s self I packed the normal things I need for Emilia on a day to day basis. These things consist of wipes, diapers, clothes, all of her pacifiers ( shes needs them all in her crib at night time), her lovely and PJs. Then we had the not so everyday items like her pack and play, her snowsuit, ALL of her winter clothes and a portable sound machine (this is the one we use at home.)

And that’s that y’all I think that is just about everything I took with me for Emilia, I was originally going to include what I packed for my self but it wasn’t anything special, really only some leggings, warm socks, and then an old hoodie. Nothing too exciting for me LOL.

That’s all for this time y’all have the very best Monday!

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Lots of love from the Tar Heel State,


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