Hello Bello Diaper Brand Review

January 24, 2020

Hey, Y’all! Today’s post is so mom-ish it hurts. I’m totally kidding but today’s blog post is all about the brand Hello Bello. Now before I start, I haven’t tried every product from there line because there are just so many. They’ve got something for the whole family from diapers to bath and even vitamins.

But today I’m just going to be reviewing their diapers, wipes, and the diaper rash cream bc personally they are the only products I’ve used. If you haven’t heard of them Hello Bello is a plant-based brand of family products. You can find them at their own site HelloBello.Com or at Walmart.

Now on to my thoughts on the products. They are very affordable and in my opinion comparable to the Honest company brand just at a lower price. I personally didn’t have too high hopes because I wasn’t a big honest fan. Emilia had a bad reaction to them. But surprisingly enough we’ve enjoyed using the Hello Bello products and haven’t had any reactions.

The diapers themselves are some of the softest diapers I’ve ever felt. And while I don’t care much about a printed diaper the patterns they offer are very just. We’ve used the sloths, owls, and the unicorns. I will say the colored diapers aren’t as soft as the ones on a white background but the still are softer than most diapers I have tried.

Emilia is currently in a size three diaper and at this size, they do not have the wet line indicator but that’s not a big deal at her age. As a newborn, though I had to have it, it made life a little bit easier. Now on to the big question. Do these diapers hold up overnight? For us yes. Emilia is a tummy sleeper and we went through a period where I was having to change her clothes sheets and diaper in the middle of the night because she was peeing through them. I’m glad to report that after a month of use we have yet to have an issue.

Also, I want to add on and say we recently took a five-hour road trip in these diapers and the held up great. No issues with leaks and she didn’t seem uncomfortable as soon as she peed in them with is an issue I’ve had with some diaper brands in the past.

Next, we’re going to dive into the wipes. I’ll be the first to say I didn’t know I could be so picky about baby items until I had Emilia. I’ve got through so many diapers and wipe brands that I just did NOT like what so ever, it’s been hard to find one thing that just works for us. With that being said Hello Bello’s wipes are a solid 9 on a scale of 1-10. I didn’t love them fully but I didn’t hate them.

They’re 99% water which is a big thing these days. But with that comes the issue, sometimes water wipes can be to wet for my liking. These weren’t too bad. They stayed moist and didn’t dry up towards the end of the pack as my Huggies wipes did. They don’t tear easily which was also nice. I did really like that they had a texture to them where normally water wipes and the pampers pure aqua wipes don’t. But why don’t I just LOVE them?

Honestly, the price was good. About .03 since a wipe. I just wasn’t crazy about how the pull out of the wipe packet and I didn’t love that there are only 60 wipes to a pack whereas our normal wipes come with 80 to a pack. It’s not a big deal really but I’m all about a good deal and convenience. I still do highly recommend these because they are a great choice if you want a water wipe for a cheaper price.

Last on my list to talk about is the diaper rash cream. Emilia’s has only had a diaper rash like twice in her life. She had a small one recently and I decided to test this stuff out. Not a big fan. It’s the grainy kind which some mamas love and swear by but I prefer the smooth paste. It got the job done just fine but again its just a preference thing.

With all this being said and done, I recommend the Hello Bello Brand. I like that they are plant-based and a good price. They don’t leak out on use overnight, the wipes don’t dry up and the diaper rash cream gets the job done all without having overly harsh chemicals.

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State,


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