What I keep in my diaper bag for my six month old

November 26, 2019

Hey, Y’all! If you follow me on instagram you might have seen my stories the other day my diaper bag. I know I’ve talked about this a lot but you guys it’s a game-changer. I love it so much but they recently had their unblack Friday sale which leads into Black Friday and the deals are so good.

But, in my stories I shared all the items I keep in my diaper bag and said I’d share them here on the blog in a mini-post, but I woke super sick the next morning and everything got delayed, so I’m putting it up today! Enjoy. Xx

The first item is the diaper bag it’s self, I carry a fawn design bag but I will also link a cheaper alternative right here. Moving on to what I keep in the big pocket: I have a travel case full of things like gripe water, pacis, hand & face wipes, hand sanitizer, and teether & paci wipes. I also keep a clear travel case for a blowout or spit-up accident.

In the back open pocket, I keep my wallet, and sometimes a few teething toys. If we’re going out for the day I’ll throw my sunglasses and lipstick in there also but not often. In the small zipper pocket, I keep a hand full of individual wet wipes.

At the bottom of the bag a gathre changing mat (its either at the bottom or in the back pocket of the bag it just depends. I also keep a simple change of clothes for Emilia. Something I didn’t show but goes in the bag every time we leave is a formula dispenser and a bottle, we love this one right now because of the handles.

Next up are the side pockets. There are four, two on the sides and two on the front. In the time side pockets, I keep burp cloths, extra bibs and my wipes in the holder. I prefer that to a full pack of wipes and even a travel pack. In the center two, I keep diapers in one and in the other travel-sized trash bags and a small tube of Destin.

Moving on to the outside pockets of my bag, on the sides I either put tampons when needed, snack pouches and one bottle. In the front, you have an open pocket where I keep chapstick and a pair of her socks and in the smaller zippered pocket I normally keep her doctor visit cards.

In the two back pockets of the bag, one of which I don’t actually use and the other I use to hold her car seat cover when it’s not on the car seat.

I think that covers everything I went over on stories the other day for what’s in my diaper bag! I’ll leave the link to Fawn Design here! But you can also find them at Nordstrom.

Happy Tuesday, happy holidays and as always,

Lots of love from the Tar Heels State,


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