A Year of Emilia Ann: Months 4-6

November 20, 2019

I’m sure as I write this you can somehow hear me sobbing hysterically through the screen, but don’t judge okay? I’m emotional as I write this because while I knew this post was going up soon it feels like just yesterday I brought my baby home, but I’m here today to recap my baby life for the last few months. Enjoy! Xx

Month four with Emilia was like having brought her home all over again. She hit the four-month sleep regression like it was a brick wall and we all suffered. But she developed so much personality. She laughed, hard for the first time. And she rolls all over the place and wants to be on the go so bad!

Month five broke my heart. She can sit up unsupported and eats baby food (sweet potatoes are her favorite). She knows her name means something because when we say it she looks at us. She went back to loving bath time but sleeping is still hit or miss. She loves to play on her own but still loves when I hold her and snuggles into me. She can’t crawl just yet but scoots her way around. She celebrated her first Halloween even if she slept through most of it. We went to the holiday fair and different birthday parties and she loves the attention from people.

Month six. Half a year has gone by. Six whole months I’ve watched her grow and learn and become a person. She’s become super attached to me, she looks for me if someone else holds her, she cries when I leave the room. It breaks my heart. But I know it’s just a phase and it will pass. She’s become my tiny little bff. And she even said her first word! Hint: it was mama. She still loves to watch sports with her daddy and cuddle with us in bed.

Emilia Ann is growing up so fast and I hate to see it but love it too each new stage is so much fun. Happy 1/2 birthday to you baby girl, and thank y’all so much for reading and following along.

Lots of love from the Tar Heel State,


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