Aldis Grocery Haul + Comparison

November 2, 2019

Hey, Y’all! SO yesterday I posted my first youtube video! But I wanted to also write a blog post about the things I got and compare it to Food Lion because that’s where I normally do our grocery shopping. I didn’t expect a huge difference in price but I will say I was surprised and I will be shopping at Aldis more often from now on. Enjoy xx

Now the brands aren’t the same for every product but I matched them as well as I could. The items I picked up on this trip were: a family-size pack of chicken, pork chops, and seasoned pork tenderloin. A thing on cinnamon rolls, iced coffee, coffee creamer, four cups of greek yogurt, and two cases of water.

I also picked up a pack of frozen green beans, golden potatoes, frozen garlic chicken meal, a box of chicken and broccoli, a pack of ravioli, two pieces of cheesecake and a thing of cookies.

That was all the food items I had gotten I did also get a few other random things like conditioner, toilet paper, ziplock bags, and dish soap. Now at Aldis for all these items I spent a total of $72.05.

Adding the same items to my Food Lion to-go order my total came to $99.01. That’s a $26.96 dollar difference. Rounding up that’s a $30 difference you guys, while it doesn’t seem like a big deal but thats a full tank of gas in my car or a can of formula for Emilia.

So, color me impressed and I can say for certain I will be going back.

With love from the Tar Heel State,


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