A year of Emilia ​Ann: Months 0-3

August 15, 2019

I have been trying to write this post for a week but I’m honestly in disbelief that my tiny fresh little newborn is already 3 months old, I mean how did it happen? Where did the time go? Today with a few tears here and there I’m recapping the last three months with our baby girl! Enjoy!

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you the first few weeks of her life were a blur. We spent them in a sleep-deprived newborn bliss. I cried and loved harder than I ever had in my life. The first month with Emilia was like with any other newborn, she didn’t know where she began and I ended. She was an extension of me at all times. She loved to be held and snuggled and breastfeeding was her source of comfort.

We took long walks in the morning and evening when it wasn’t too hot because she loves the outside. All the naps and visits from family & friends. We celebrated her daddy birthday and first fathers day. She hated tummy time and her swing and anything that wasn’t my arms.

1464 (give or take a few). That’s how many hours she had been hearthside. 61 days of holding her and loving her and feeding her. I loved every second of it and it broke my heart. I cried for hours when I found out I couldn’t breastfeed anymore. I thought I was failing her as a mother. Looking at it now I know that isn’t true. It’s not my fault shes allergic to breast milk. It’s rare but it happens.

Two months of being her mama; She had her first sleepover and beach trip. She had her first shots, and she smiled at me for the first time. We started baby wearing to make up for that bond we lost from breastfeeding. She stilled hated tummy time and being put down but liked her swing more. She loved when I sang and did silly dances around the room for her. She hates daddy kisses because his beard is scratchy but loves to cuddle and take naps with him. She developed such a personality and earned herself the nickname monster.

And here we are. Three whole months! Where did my baby go? She’s growing right before my very eyes. She sleeps longer hours at night and can put herself to sleep. She still hates tummy time and can roll from side to side. She talks to anyone who will listen and smiles all the time.

We went from loving bath time to knowing it means it’s time for bed and not liking it so much anymore. She hates being my little baby and loves to be held so she’s sitting up and can see whats going on. She watches sports with her daddy and still loves going on walks. She has mastered faking crying because she knows we’ll pick her up and she is always chewing on her hands.

Emilia Ann is becoming a tiny person and it makes me so sad and happy at the same time. I can’t wait so see where life takes her

With love from the Tar Heel State,


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