Five random things I’m loving lately

March 7, 2019

O N E // Self tanner and this brush

I’ve raved about a few self-tanners but this one is my current go to and this exfoliator brush is one I received in my FabFitFun spring box! I have a review going up on that soon!

T W O // The Outsider

This book guys, this book. The Outsider by Steven King has got me on the edge of my seat. It sucked me in and has yet to spit me back out I never want to put it down!

T H R E E // Instagram

I have obviously have had one for a while now but I recently fell back in love with it and can’t wait to start getting more and better content back up for Y’all.

F O U R // My Day Designer + Google Calendar

I am all about planning, scheduling, and organization. They are things I live for and these two things have changed the game. I’m going to do a whole long post on how I use both of them but for now, I’ll link my most recent planner post!

F I V E // Kind Bars

I’m going to chalk it up to a pregnancy crazing but all I want lately are chocolate and peanut butter. Reeces, snickers, ice cream. I want it all. Now while I want these things, and can have in moderation, I can’t just eat junk 24/7 so these bars have been a good substitute. Not the same but help curve the craving.

There ya have it, friends! A few favorites I’ve been loving lately. Now I’m just on the search for a place to get a good facial in my area ( Fayetteville, NC) because my skin has been awful as of late! Any recommendations? If I find ones I love I’ll be sure to include them in a future “loving lately” list!

Until then! Xx

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