2019 Goals

January 2, 2019

Happy 2019 Y’all! It’s so weird to be saying that ya know? Like where did the year go?? I feel like it was just yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant with a baby girl who is due in less than FOUR months.

The time really has gone by in a blur and with it both some good and bad memories. And because of all this, I took some time off from my blog and went through a period of rediscovery. Both for myself and what I want this platform to be.

What I took from all this is a set of goals I’m setting for myself this year. It’s more to me than just the “new year, new me” resolutions people normally quit by the end of the month. These are lifestyle changes and goals for my future, but not just mine. One that includes Brandon and our baby. That’s what really is motivating me.

I kept a list in my phone and decided to compact them down and share the ones I’m more focused on below:


Post more – but not just more as in quality (even though that is a huge part of it) but in quality as well. I want to work harder and be better about putting out the absolute best content I can for Y’all. You deserve that from me and I plan to deliver.

Get organized- I have always been the most over the top organized person. But as I was trying to balance finishing school, working full time, running the blog, and being a soon to be mama I found everything crumbling around me and I was just trying to stay afloat. I found myself writing all blog post last minute and you could tell. Work was making me exhausted and school was stressing me out to the point I needed a break. But I have a plan to stay more on top of the game this year and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

Move forward- I want to progress in my personal work enough for me to leave me 8-5. Especially once the baby comes. Being involved in her life and all the changes for more than just the first six weeks are so important to me. I still would love to work for a law firm but right now being a mama has captured my whole heart and attention.


More being, less doing- I have always been a petiole pleaser. It’s not easy and often I feel like I’ve disappointed someone. A personal goal for me this year is to do less and just focus more on being present. I’ve realized in the last few months of 2018 that there is no way to make everyone happy at the same time. Some battles have to be lost and that’s okay.

Ask for help- I am awful about asking for help. In college, I had the worst mindset that asking for help was a sign of weakness. It’s not. It’s okay to need help because one person simply can not do it all.

Say no- This one goes along with my people pleaser problem. Because if it I have the worst time saying no to people when they ask things of me. This became a huge issue because I was realizing I was doing all these things for other people who either didn’t do things for me in return or we’re just very I grateful about it. Now I’m not saying I expect something every time but if I came to them the answer was never a yes to helping me back in any kind of way and I find that toxic and I’m saying goodbye to that in 2019.

And that’s where I’m going to stop. I shared a handful of my 2019 goals with you but what are some of yours? I’d love to hear, leave a comment below on one goal and how you plan to stick with it!


Talk more openly- One of my biggest relationship flaws is that I clam up and refuse to talk about what has or is upsetting me. I’ll just sit there and ignore it until I hope it’s gone away. It’s a problem I developed when I was younger but with Brandon’s help I’m working through it and he’s so patient with me most days.

Appreciate the little things- In the beginning, it’s all about the little, isn’t it? Holding the door or texting you goodnight and good morning. The cute dates that are super simple and the staying up all night to talk. But when you live together and spend every day together you can lose sight of the little things that were so important.

My new goal is to focus more on those things like when we started dating. Because he still holds the doors for me, he still yelled me good morning and goodnight but now its accompanied with a kiss. And he does so much more I wish I noticed when he did them but I will now.

Tell him how much I love him- Does this one seem silly? Saying it out loud may make it seem so but it’s true. I tell him I love him daily, all the time, as often as I can. But do I tell him how much? Does he know that when I say I love him it’s more than just those simple words? How do you tell someone they are your whole entire world without it sounding cheesy…

I’d spend my lifetime and then some just trying to make him happy because in my eye no one deserves it better than him. So for 2019, I’m setting out to let him know in every way I can how much he means to me. How much I adore him. And really truly how stupid crazy I’m in love with him.

So now I’ve shared three major goals for this year from each part of my life. But what are some of yours? Share with me one goal you have and how you plan to keep it throughout the year!!


With love,

Brittany Michelle

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