Gender Reveal

December 17, 2018

When the doctors first told us the gender of our baby we were both in complete shock! Brandon even thought they were just trying to mess with him. Funny story behind that being, we were originally going to have a reveal party but sitting there in the office with both doctors and my mama smiling at me the pressure was too much and we caved. 

Everyone, even my main doctor before we knew for sure, thought she was going to be a boy. While it’s not always 100% it’s typically true for girls to have a higher heart rate and to sit higher up than baby boys, neither is accurate for this little girl. She sits super low that by a glance from people who have children already they said it looked like a boy from how I was carrying. 

I won’t lie, I’m terrified. I felt this whole time she had to be a boy because I wasn’t sure I could raise a girl, which a few people think is so odd for me to say because I have so many sisters. But it’s not something I can really explain. Raising a girl and growing up with them is so different. But the more I progress into my pregnancy the more excited I get for her to be here.

I’m slowly wrapping my head around this one day at a time. Five months in and I’m finally getting more used to the idea of it being real. You know how some things can happen and you know they are real and happening but sometimes it just feels like a dream? That’s been the both of us. But as she grows in my belly and we slowly collect things and start the preparation for her arrival its really, and I mean REALLY, setting it. And we are so incredibly excited to meet her. 

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