Weekly recap​ #1

December 14, 2018

Hey, Y’all! I wanted to start this new series on the blog that will go live EVERY FRIDAY. I am so excited about this. Okay so, basically what a weekly recap is going to be is this:

So, my nail color is “My car has NavyGation” I normally stick to pinks whites and red every once in a while but I decided to switch it up and who doesn’t love navy? I surprising really like it.

For my highs and lows? I think we should end on a high note so, a low for this week would probably be either that fact I’m still dealing with morning sickness or that it’s Brandon’s late week so I haven’t been able to see him which means I spend most nights alone until about 8:30-9:00. And while that doesn’t seem like much or that big or a deal my emotions are in overdrive and I get super emotional when he isn’t around

Next, I want to talk about my favorite bible verse this week. Psalm 34:4 says “I sought the LORD, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” I’m to a point in my pregnancy where everything is starting to stress me out and I feel like I am so unprepared for this baby, but I know my God and I know he would not have to lead me here if he didn’t know that this is what I was ready for. I trust him wholeheartedly and when I remind my self of this verse all my fears about the unknown future ease away.

I know I said a song I’ve been loving but lately I’ve been on an audiobook and podcast grind. Like as soon as I get in the car or in any of my free time it’s been a go-to these days. I’ve been binging Gals on the Go podcast mostly, it has such a great girl boss vibe and I am really into it and highly recommend, truly. 

Lastly, I thought I’d share what’s going out in my newsletter next week! So if you didn’t know I send out a weekly (at least I try to these days) newsletter I call happy mail. I try and make sure I have one ready and full on extra content every Tuesday. Next week however I’ll be spilling all the details on a giveaway I’m doing! So if you want all the details make sure you’re subscribed!

With Love,

Brittany Michelle

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