FabFitFun Winter Box

December 11, 2018

Hey, Y’all! Okay, let’s be real for a second. I’ve had my box since like early November (lol!) I’ve just had no energy to do any kind of blog work after being at my 8-5 job all day so for that I’m sorry. Being pregnant is hard guys on top of balancing work, a social life, the blog, family time, and it being Christmas season? It’s been a crazy few months let me tell you what.

But Y’all are here to listen to me talk about all that you’re here for the winter box review so let’s jump into that, shall we?

Firstly if you want a box of your own (hurry there’s only a few left!!) use my code SANTABABY for $10 off your first box! Now onto what’s in this years winter box. I LOVED it so many goodies to use and I’ll defiantly be re-purchasing a few on my own.

So a few of my favorites from this box were the Blaq eye masks super helpful with how puffy my under eyes have been lately!! Next is this whip body cream, my skin has been so so incredibly dry this winter and I’m not sure if it’s because of it being colder than normal or the baby but seriously dry skin is no joke. Speaking of dry skin, this mask is another lifesaver this winter. I’m living for it right now. My last favorite is this throw, I’m going to have it monogrammed as a family monogram and keep it on the couch. It’s super soft. 

Now, these are just a few of my favorite things each box has up to a $300+ value and are full of goodies I have more things to share but I’d rather leave those a surprise for when yall get your own boxes, it’s like Christmas came early, and every season at that! With that being said don’t forget to use the code SANTABABY for $10 your first box, go now! ->  FabFitFun

With love,

Brittany Michelle

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