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July 17, 2018

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Hey, Y’all! If you remember maybe about a week ago? I asked for questions to be sent to me via Instagram! I got a ton and wanted to do a post on it so I could go more in dept for Y’all! I did only end up picking 15 just a heads up. Enjoy!


Question One: Why do you never tag your husband in your Instagram posts? 

I think I got this question about five times LOL. He doesn’t have one. He thinks social media is kinda dumb and doesn’t see the point. But fully supports my love of it and takes a lot of my pictures when he’s home!


Question Two: Do you and your husband plan on having kids?

Y’all I have ALL the baby fever right now and want one so bad. We’re definitely planning on having kids. When however is still up in the air we’re only 21 and really have all the time in the world!


Question Three: When are you moving?

Soon actually, so stay tuned for that hot mess express.


Question Four: What is your religion, I see you talk about it from time to time?

Oh, good question! I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned it before but I’m Southern Baptist! It’s typically a super traditional approach to worship.


Question Five: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

I love Old Navy, The Gap, Express, Nordstrom, Lilly Pulitzer and Free People. I do a lot of poshmark shopping and consignment stores!


Question Six: How many siblings do you have?

A lot actually. I have three stepsisters, three half-sisters, a sister-in-law, a half-brother, a stepbrother, and a brother-in-law!


Question Seven: Who’s older, you or your husband?

I’m older than Matt by nine days!


Question Eight: What’s your major?

I feel like everyone is expecting it to be business because of my blog and I feel like most people do get a business degree which is awesome for them but I found it kinda boring. So with that being said, I’m actually a double major in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security!


Question Nine: Favorite color?



Question Ten: Do you want a boy or a girl first?

I had this conversation with my mom the other day! While I think having a girl would be super cute I think I’d rather have a boy first. Mama seems to think I will have ONLY boys. I guess only time will tell.


Question Eleven: How many kids do you and your husband want?

I have a big family and went through a point in my life where I really didn’t think kids would be something I would want for myself but as I got older I realized I did, in fact, want children of my own and I am so set of three or four! Matt changes the answer all the time but, guys, it really just all depends ya know?


Question Twelve: How old were you when you got married?

I was 21 and Matt was 20!


Question Thirteen: What is your favorite book genre?

I read a lot of YA novels but for ‘adult books’ I really only read psychological thrillers. I cant get into romance novels to save my life.


Question Fourteen: How did you meet Matt?

Funny story, we had mutual friends in middle school and knew of each other. But we were formally introduced in the ninth grade. Never hung out or anything, then we had a math class together in the tenth and he got on my nerves SO bad!! But he eventually won me over somehow and became the best friend I have ever had.


Question Fifteen: Any tips for deployment?

LOL. Have zero expectations on how everything is supposed to go. The only thing the military can be counted on for a deployment is the fact that nothing is ever on time. Homecoming gets changed all the time. And communication is sketchy. It’s hard but honestly, when they finally come home it is so so worth so just hold on.

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