4th of July Recap

July 10, 2018
Hey, Y’all just a short blog today recapping what I did on the fouth of july! Today has been so crazy, but I have some pitctures from that day I want to share so enjoy!
Before I jump in I wanna talk about that first picture! So my mama and stepdad had been out of town from Friday to the next Saturday so I spent the week at their house with my brother and sister. This picture was taken after the got home because I like to take random selfies with them for keeps but my mama decided to try and hide! LOL it’s like my new favroite picture.
Okay so, our fouth fo July was very simple really. We swam in our pool and my brother and our cousin hit baseballs. We went to out grandparents to visit and have some dinner before driving to our other grandparents house to watch fireworks. 
We had had a late start to the day but honestly I loved our little laid back super simple day. I’ve never been a big firework person. I tend to think they are too bright and too loud and kinda dangerous. 
But I still enjoyed in nonetheless. Sorry it was so short but like I said yesterday and today have been a bit crazy!

Brittany Malone 

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