Stressful Day To-Do List.

July 6, 2018
Hi friends! Okay so, today’s post is a bit self explanatory am I right? I’ve put together a list of my favorite ways to practice self-care and relax after a bad and/or stress inducing day. We all know they happen to even the best of us, but here are a few ways I make even a bad day seem not so bad.
1). Take a nap. Easy to do after a bad day right? Just want to go to your room and sleep? Do it! Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t but if you think it’ll help you give it a shot.
2). Talk to a friend. When I’ve had a rough day the first person I try to call is Matt. But with him being gone right now a lot of my bad days are based around the lack of communication I have with him so I turn towards my mama. She’s always willing to listen and distract me.
4). Treat yourself. Whether that be to some ice cream or a new pair of shoes. Doing small favors for yourself can be a huge mood booster.
5). Write it down. I did this a lot when I was younger, I didn’t have a diary per say because I only wrote my feelings on bad days. But it helped me get rid of some of that aggression that was building up before I could take it out on other people.
6). Read a book. Reading is a good way to distract yourself. You can forget your own issues for a small time and focus on the world your diving into.
7). Watch a movie. If you don’t like to read, watching a movie does the same thing, maybe try and go for a comedy to give you some laughs and lighten the mood.
8). Take a bubble bath. This is one of my favorites. I tend to leave my problems outside the bathroom door and just enjoy a nice bath. And typically when I get out they don’t seem as haunting as before.
9). Pray. This may seem weird to some of you but for me? This is such a big help. To just give a good cry and pour my heart out to God knowing he’s listening? He won’t lead you to failure things WILL get better and that always makes me feel better.
10). Go for a walk. A walk in the fresh air to clear your head can my so therapeutic.
I just want to leave a small disclaimer that if you suffer from depression these are not cured or fixes. These are simply a few small ways to help feel better after that random not so good day we all have from time to time.
Brittany Malone

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