How To Get Out Of A Slump

June 1, 2018

Hey, Y’all! Today’s topic of discussion is how to get out of a rut/slump whatever you may call it. That feeling where you know you have so much work to get done and no motivation whatsoever to do it. I am here to help. I have compiled my five top tips on how I get over this icky feeling.

1. Get a goods night rest. This might seem so obvious but it’s true. Your body won’t function if you don’t get a goods night rest. Try turning off your phone and reading a book or listening to music before bed. The blue light from your phone has actually been proven to keep you up later. 
Try and get on a sleep schedule. One that sees you sleeping your eight hours but not oversleeping. I find that on days I have overslept I tend to not do much for the rest of the day simply because I feel like I don’t have the time
2. Tip number to is to socialize some. When I find myself falling into a rut I try to force my self to go out with friends or see a movie or workout some. And that’s because if I don’t I’ll more likely than not spend my time in my bedroom and find excuses to not go out and spend time with others. And then I’ll find even more excuses to just lay around in bed and do nothing but waste the day away.
 3. SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX. Now don’t get me wrong I love all my social media accounts. They’re how I connect with people and promote myself as an influencer. But social media can become addicting and in a bad way. If you read my last Gossip post I talked about how I got so caught up in the front of social media and trying to keep up and how unhappy it made me. 
I would take weeks at a time off from my blog and my content I was putting out was not my best work because of this. I overcame this obviously but that slump hit me pretty hard but so did the realizations. With that being said try taking a step back from social media. It could help a lot.
4. Try reading a book, or keeping a journal. I personally read but I know a few people who have journals and they say that writing down how you’re feeling and pretty much just venting on paper can be so relaxing and leave you feeling refreshed after you’ve dumped all that negativity out. 
If you’re like me and love to read, go buy your local bookstore and find a new adventure to escape into. My personal favorites have always been psychologic thrillers but I know those aren’t for everyone.
5. My last tip is to try and mix up your routine some. Yes, I know not everyone can do this because of work and school and some things are set in stone. But do things like trying a new place for lunch, or maybe going out to see that new movie. Maybe you could wake up a bit earlier and have a better breakfast or try and workout in the morning. 
You could try a mid-week pick me up and go get those shoes you’ve been drooling over. Or that new book, or maybe just some flowers to brighten your home up a little. Its all about the little things that make your week not seem like it’s the same things over and over and over again. 
With all that being said this is not how to treat more serious issues in life. These are just a few things I find myself doing when I feel like I’m falling into that rut where everything is that same thing all the time. 
Brittany Malone

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