Skin Care Routine

May 31, 2018

Hey, Y’all, it’s been requested so here I am giving you what you ask for, my skincare routine! Let me start off by saying this though. I’m not saying this is whats going to work for everyone. I just know this is what works the best for me!

Okay so, I don’t always use the same products. I tend to switch it up because if I don’t my skin adapts to what I’m using and it no longer works for me as well. I also don’t do the same thing every day so this is going to be my full weekly, like all seven days of the week if I remember, routine.

Step one:

This step is to remove your makeup. Washing your face does NOT always take that gunk off and well all know, getting out of the shower with raccoon eyes is never cute. I actually use coconut oil for this because its gentle on the skin and actually fights fungal growth so that’s a plus.

Step Two:

Cleanse. In other words, wash your face. I rotate between these the few but Clinique is by far my favorite, always has been. But seriously washing your face at least once a day is so important.

Step Three:
Exfoliate. I only my face two times a week, normally on Sunday (that’s when I re-apply my self-tanner too!) and on Wednesdays. I use these ones but I haven’t found one I’m in love with yet.

Step Four: 

Masks. This could be one of a pampering thing than necessary, but I find my skin always feels so much better after a face mask, I do these twice a week also. Normally Tuesdays and Fridays. But if my skin is feeling extra icky that week I’ll end up doing them more.
Step Five:
Toners. I use a toner on my face every single night. The rock and I love the ones you can actually feel working.

Step Six:
Serums are awesome and I love them. They make your face feel refreshed and glowy and dewy. Such a nice look so much so I skip make up days a lot. I use them three times a week on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Step Seven:
Eye creams are a new thing I’ve added to my skincare routine within the last year are so I can really tell the difference. The dark circles under my eyes are less and the puffiness has gone down.

Step Eight:
Don’t. Forget. To. Moisturize. It’s so important for your skin. It evens and smooths and helps lessen wrinkles!

Just a reminder one last time, I am no expert and I am not saying this is the sure fix to clear, glowy skin for everyone. This is just what I found works best for me!
Brittany Malone


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