The Darling Bookclub: May Edition

May 16, 2018
Hey Y’all. I have been way behind on my reading list for 2018 and that is really no one’s fault but mine. I adore reading but with how busy I’ve been I forgot how much I love. A few new books spread out over the last month or so has knocked me back into the reading world full force so I thought I’d them with you and the book I’ve decided in my May pick for our little book club!
My month of May pick for is The Light We Lost by Jill Santpolo. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the book and I am finally biting the bullet and diving in head first the second I post this blog. The book is said to be an epic love story and while they normally aren’t my go-to choice for a book I found my self-wanting to get every time I saw it on the self.
The next two books I plan to knock off of my list this month are both retellings of classics. The first being Macbeth a rewrite by Jo Nesbø and the second being Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. Macbeth is obviously what it sounds like, the Shakespeare play turned novel and I have been anxiously awaiting its publishing date since it as announced. I had a copy as soon as it hit the shelves but have yet found time to pick it up but stay tuned and I’ll have my thought on it soon enough.
Eligible was named a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice and I can’t be more excited about it, this is such a classic and more of my favorites that I got it as soon as I read the synopsis.
Not much going more to say on the matter just yet but I will do a mini book review when I have finished them so stay on the lookout for that
Get the Books
1). The light we lost
2). Eligible
3). Macbeth


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