10 Things: April Edition

May 1, 2018

Hey Y’all, I’m back again with another 10 things of the month where we go over the good the bad the great and the ugly things that have been going on my life this month. With that being said am I the only one who feels like April has been a straight whirlwind of different things?  With that being said let’s jump in yeah?

1). April came in and with it, it brought storms and other fewer days until this deployment is over. With that being said, we have (hopefully) only 111 days left (roughly) but I mean who’s really counting?
2). Easter was fun, I actually have a whole blog pose up about it that I’ll leave linked right here. I love Easter it is easily one of my favorite holidays.
3). I can’t be the only one who hates tension between a group of friends, I’ve been dealing with that this month and I don’t pick sides so we’re all just waiting for it to play out, but let me tell y’all what it was weird there for a hot second.
4). We finally are getting some warm weather here in the good ole tar heel state and I am absolutely living for it. I can’t stand the cold what so ever.
5). My wedding registry is finally finished and the invites for the shower are sent out and in route to their destinations and I’m so happy about that because let me tell y’all this stuff is stressful.
6). I know I literally say this like every time but man. I am such my husband’s fangirl. Everything he does is just, ugh. How did I get so lucky to be so in love with my best friend?
7). Final exams suck. Enough said.
8). I had a family BBQ and while that’s nothing special to a lot of people I love spending time with my family. They are so important to me.
9). I went to the beach a lot, this most recent time I got sunburn which like, never happens but the only good thing I got out of that was blog content which you can find here.
10). The Dogwood festival always is so much fun in my opinion, lots of food and goodies. I have a pot about that too actually. It went life yesterday. you can either find it in the lifestyle tab on my home page or I’ll leave it to linked here also!
Well, friends there you have, like I said its been a whirlwind of a month, and if I’m being honest I feel like this month has been like forever long. Until next time darlings!

Brittany Malone

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