Dogwood Festival 2018 + 6 Things I’m Loving

April 30, 2018

Hey Y’all. super sorry the absence last week. I was stressed between finals and being sick the entire last week. Not the most fun situation but hey! I’m feeling better so let’s start this week off right with a blog post yeah?

Okay so, if Y’all do not know I am a North Carolina native, Fayetteville in particular and every year we host the Dogwood festival. There’s music, food, rides and so many different vendors selling handmade goods.
I love the Dogwood festival, I’ve been going for as long as I can remember and every year it’s a little bit different from the last. This year, however, I viewed in a different perspective. Normally, I would be drawn to anything and everything I could wear or was techy.
But this year I was pulled in each and every direction where I could but goodies for a house. I love love LOVE decorating. It makes me so happy and now I can put things towards a home instead of just one room? I went all in on accident but it will be so worth it in the end.
Vendors at festivals like this are so creative and I wish I could do what they do. Really, it is all so beautiful. But enough about just that. The festival also includes a small fair with rides and while I personally don’t get on them anymore, my younger siblings had a blast.
The food is always good. I mean, I am by no means a foodie but I love me some fair styled food. And weekend calories don’t count, right? Right, anyways. Funnel cakes, corn on the cob, fried Oreos, soft pretzels, and so much more. Ugh, fair food is the best, honestly, truly.
Music! I mentioned music and entertainment in general. Walking through the downtown streets where everything is held there is no doubt you’ll pass all kinds of entertainment. From the areal dancers to the street performers, the international dancers, all the way down to the park where the live acts are playing on the stage.
The musical acts are artists pulled in to play sponsored by some of the major sponsors in the town like Bud Light, Ford, Chevy, The NC Lottery and so many more. This year we had Coolio, Rodney Akins, and a band that did mainly Led Zeppelin songs and a few others who, I’m so sorry, names I can’t remember.
6 Things I’m Loving

I meant for this to only be five but then I realized I had six things I’ve either gotten recently or they are things I have sitting in my shopping cart.

1). These yellow earrings are going to be perfect for the trip I have planned for Cinco, enough said.

2). I love dainty gold jewelry lately so this piece is something I’m waiting to get.

3). I picked this little dress up in a light pink for a wedding next month

4)/. I have been after a pair of wedges like these forever and they are currently in route to me as we speak!

5). This straw bag trend that I didn’t think I’d fall prey to? Yeah, I failed and added this to my cart.

6). I have a purse problem but I love a good functional bag and this is the one.

That’s all I have for y’all today hope you enjoyed and stay tuned I have fun stuff coming!

Brittany Malone

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