How I help my Sunburn

April 19, 2018
Hey, Y’all today’s topic is all about sunburn. Yikes right? I personally don’t get sunburn all that often so when it does I feel like I don’t know how to deal with it, how lame does that sound?
I know, I know its kinda silly sounding but I can count the times I have gotten sunburn on like one hand guys, it’s not something that happens often. But with that being said it doesn’t mean that I never get sunburn at all.
If you keep up with my blog you know this past weekend I was at the beach and ended up getting sunburn on just my back because I fell asleep like a dummy but its fine we’re fine.
Anyways! Getting back on track, if you are anything like me you hate aloe. Well, maybe not hate but in this case, I found that it made my skin tight and super drying and I was absolutely miserable that night and into the next day.
I searched the internet for a what felt like forever trying to find what would help sooth the tightness of my skin and while most sites really only suggested the use of aloe I did end up finding a few tips and tricks I’ve tried and tested and have found to work for me.
In that lies the discalmier folks. I am NOT claiming this is the one-step fix to all you top much fun in the sun issues. This just happened to work for me and I am hoping it can help some of y’all out too if need be.
Firstly, drink water people. Lots of it. You want the burn to heal and the skill to not peel as bad? Work on helping your body re-hydrate the skin. Secondly, try and avoid hot showers or baths. This to me was awful because I hate lukewarm water when I bathe but anything hotter will sting and just put more heat into the skin.
Now while in the shower avoid shaving if you can this just irritates the skin and can cause peeling or advance it if it’s already happening. After showering I used a wet moisturizer to help lock it in and help the skin to not be so dry. PAT DRY. Don’t rub your body dry because that can either hurt or tear your skin more. 
This may seem weird but like I said it worked for me after I got out and was somewhat dried off I took a rag and ran it under cold water the poured vinegar on it and proceeded to pat it on my skin where I was burnt. It smelled bad but the coldness on my overheated skin felt so nice. Really.
Once I let the vinegar dry I took coconut oil and rubbed it all over my body. It feels oily and again smells kinda gross but its super good for your skin. 
My last tip is either throughout the day if you can get away with it, or when you go to bed that night sleep with as little clothing on as possible. Your skin needs to breathe if you can’t wear less clothing opt for something looser fitting. Tight clothes suffocate the skin and can rub your sunburn, causing it to hurt more.
That’s the few tips and tricks I have up my sleeve for dealing with sunburn. I hope I was able to help some of you out. Til next time friends 

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