Weekend Recap: Girls just wanna have sun!

April 17, 2018
Hello friends! How are yall? How was your weekend? Wonderful? well, that’s just dandy. I’m here to tell you about the mind and if you want to share your weekend you are more than welcome to leave it in the comments.
Let us dive on in shall we? Firstly if you don’t know I went to the beach you haven’t been keeping up with me on Instagram and you should so follow me! (@brittanymalone_) I go to the beach quite a bit, I like to think of it as my happy place. I always feel so so much better after not having to worry about things because its the perfect relaxation place.
I left Friday after work which is how it normally goes, but instead of going right on with the longish drive I stopped by my dads to get my two sisters and one of their friends. After they were fed and the car was packed and gassed up we set out on the road with Aloria playing DJ as always.
The drive was rather uneventful save a few songs that required the radio being turned all the way up while lyrics were being screamed, but hey whats a road trip without jams? When we finally made it to the beach house we were all so ready to be out of the car and into the house. But color me surprised when the door wouldn’t unlock. We tried every door in the house a few times before finally calling our nana to let her know it seemed we had been locked out.
It was getting dark and a tad bit chilly with the wind as we waited on someone to come and finally let us in when I decided to try the lock just one more time, and then by some miracle the key turned in the lock and we got in the house!! We may or may have not been a bit dramatic about it but that’s totally fine. Called nana to let her know then got everything inside and unpacked.
We spent the rest of the night goofing off playing silly board games and just gossiping about what is going whos with who all that fun sort of stuff. Around 12:15 we had the great idea to order pizza which didn’t end up even getting there until after 1:30 but so very worth it. You ever take a nap at one in the morning and then get to wake up to pizza and garlic knots? it is the best, truly.
Saturday came in rays of sunshine and early mornings meaning a beach day was in the picture for us and I was ready. Everyone was up and ready to go by 9:30 which was pretty good considering the time everyone finally got to bed. We took the golf cart to the waterfront and the spent the next few hours lounging in the sun.
Nana joined us in SC by about 2:30 which was the same time we decided to head back to the house. We took showers and nana made alfredo for lunch which was wonderful, one of my favorites. After a late lunch, we set on out to TJMaxx to browse around for a bit, picking up a few things here and there. After that, we went down to Barefoot Landing and walked around the various shops that they offer. 
A favorite of mine is always the Christmas mouse. They have all things Christmasy and so many different trees with different themes it’s just so cute really an I can’t get enough of it.
When it was getting late into the evening and everyone was getting hungry again we decided on the Hickory Tavern (no surprise there). We love it even if its a sports bar like restaurant its got the best food in my opinion and I love the atmosphere of the whole place. 
Finally back home, time to wide down from the day. I changed back into comfy clothes did a nice face mask and then settled into bed with a book I’ve been dying to have for months now. And I did all this before 9:30, felt kinda old but sleep is the best and I really don’t get as much as I need let’s be honest.
Sunday was a nice chill morning. I woke up around eight, had some coffee while I checked some emails and did some homework. The screen door and windows were open, it was just a nice morning. When the rest of the girls woke up we got ready to head down to the beach once again. 
Not as sunny, move overcast than anything but still a nice warm day saw us laying spread out on towels and chairs in the sand. I made the mistake of falling asleep while laying on my stomach and am now currently dealing with the issue of being sunburnt on one side of my body.
After my nap, it seemed to be time to go again, being almost two in the afternoon I fully agree that I did not want to spend any more time in the sun that day.
Back home finally, we took our time cleaning, showering, eating, and packing up to head back to NC because wheater we liked it or not Monday was coming and bringing school and work days with it. 
Honestly from here on our the rest of the day was rather boring, I drove everyone to my dads and the went on home myself to unpack and get my things ready for Monday and went to bed early.
I hope y’all had the best weekends and I’d love to here about them! 

Brittany Malone

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