Monday Madness + 5 Things I’m loving

April 10, 2018

Hello my darling readers and welcome back to my blog. 

You cannot convince me that I’m the only grown up who often refers to Monday as “The Monday Blues.” Especially when, if like me, you have ten million things to do and not enough time to do them.

So I’m going to walk you through my typical Monday night routine, I’d love to say I’ve got everything all planed out and dinner is cooked clothes are clean and I’ve showered and am always in bed before 11 but that is never the case. And this Monday in particular was so not the case at all.

I feel like I have been going 100 miles a minute all day today and just because I was tired didn’t mean the work stopped when I left my 8-5. Not even close really. I had errands to run because Matthews next care package needs to be sent out soon so it will make the delivery deadline. Clothes needed to be dropped off to get dry-cleaned.

I’ve also started making my wedding registry and have to stop by the few places I’ve added to that and update somethings. Bills needed to be checked in a few postmark ordered were needing to be sent out in the mail.

And lets not forget that I let my tank hit zero miles until empty today so that was a good time. I went by  Barnes and Noble to check on a book I had pre-ordered, it comes out tomorrow and I can’t wait to share it with you all once I’ve got my hands on it I’m so excited for this!

Anyway, got a bit of topic. Now I’m finally heading home where dinner ends up being leftovers in favor of the clothes that have been piling up over the weekend. And that then turns into a somewhat of a spring cleaning because I seem to never have room in my closet. This then leads to the place turning into a mess which takes forever to sort out and fairly we get some laundry done.

(Now on a small side note this took much longer than needed because I was on the phone with a friend the good entire three hours, but it was so worth it.)

Now that all this super fun domestic stuff is out of the way and it’s only like 9:30 its time to start homework! Oh boy, I take all online classes, I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about it in a post that I’ll link here, and they are seriously no joke. They are all or nothing and deadline after deadline.

I try and get the bulk of my work done on Mondays so I have the rest of the week for other things that always seem to pop up without fail that require my immediate attention. This makes Monday my least favorite day of the week. I know I put this on my self but if I don’t go ahead and get it out of the way it will to get done, I just know it won’t.

So once homework is down and all uploaded or set with a due date reminder I move on to filling out all what is due next week in my planner because that thing is my life line. Anything and everything goes into and I just about always have it with me when I go somewhere.

Now its 11:00 at night, I haven’t showered of picked out my work clothes for tomorrow, there are dishes in the sink that won’t me getting done until the morning and I’m sitting in front on the fire writing out blog post for the next few days.

Mondays are rough but honesty thats fine, not everyday is going to be perfect and thats fine too. I like a little bit of messy that gets thrown into life every now and then, it keeps me on my toes.

The Five Things I’m loving today

Okay so first up are a pair of the cutest jack rogers, my friends Madeline had a pair and as soon as I saw them I had to order me a pair, not even the least bit sorry about that.

Next is a face mask, are we surprised? Of course not! My skin and me have not been on good terms lately. To much stress and running around and not enough energy to take all my make up off at night time is just not a good idea folks.

Sorry not sorry for adding a Lilly dress to the roundup but this shift is about to be a must have in my closet, how can I say no to a classic pink and green shift? Seriously? Improbable.

These next two things go hand in hand. These pens? Go to planner pen. They write so smooth I just keep buying them in all the colors to match different things I own even if they only all write in black ink, I have a bit of a pen problem. Speaking of planners, I go on and on about mine all the time. I know I do. I love my day designer, its everything to me. And the one below is such cute print but mine for this year is actually this one right here. I also have a post where I go over the different planners if you aren’t sure a Day Designer is right for you. I’ll it links here.

Now that that is all said and done, its time for me to sign off for the night. I hope you all enjoyed this rambling post about my crazy Mondays! Night y’all!
Brittany Malone

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