Easter Weekend Recap

April 5, 2018
Hello friends! I hope you had an absolutely wonderful easter weekend! I know I did, in fact thats what I’m here to share with y’all today. Firstly I want to apologize for getting this out so late. I’ve been working on a bit of rebranding on my blog!
Anyway lets just jump right on in shall we?
I actually had to work Friday, the fun that is working at a car dealership is you don’t get a lot of off days, but I don’t really mind. While Friday at work wasn’t a bad day (nor the day as a whole in general) it did however take a bit of a nose dive when I got a speeding ticket on the way to the beach. But life happens and I’m only human.
Anyway, after that small incident I continued on my merry way to the beach where when I arrived me and my family once again played tourists and went to see Pirates Voyage, personal favorite of mine and if you ever happen to find yourself in Myrtle Beach I highly recommend it. Great for families with children!
The show ran until about 10 or so and then the 30 minute drive to the house where I did nothing more than shower and watch reruns on Criminal Minds until well after midnight. Saturday was met with a lazy morning into early afternoon, but Saturday also happened to be the day I got to spend with one of my favorite people (besides my husband lol)! Madeline! 
If you don’t know she’s one of my best friends from school and she has become such an important person in my life. She came down from Wilmington and we had a nice day out shopping, walking the boardwalks, Mexican and Margs for lunch and then more shopping of course. She ended up staying for dinner which was funny to explain to my grandparent that she’s vegan because my nana had no idea what that meant. After dinner we went on the golf cart and just rode around and had a good time before she had to drive back to campus.
Sunday arrived and the house was alive and buzzing bright and early to be ready for the easter morning service. Personally I love going to church all the time but the easter and Christmas services are my favorite. So many new people flood the churches and give themselves over to the lord and are saved. It’s such a beautiful and powerful thing easter is the day for Jesus because it IS the day he rose from death when the lord told him to arise. He took our sins to the grave and brought us redemption with his next breath three days later. 
After church we went out for lunch out outback which was yum of course, packed and busy I’d expect no less really. Then the car ride back to the house where we all changed out of our church clothes and my nana announced she had hidden out easter basket and it was time to find them. Fun fact at 21 years old I am still the last one to find my basket. 
She then made us hunt for the 42 eggs the hid in the backyard, it took forever but I got about fourteen bucks and all the jellybeans I’ll never actually eat. Soon after all the fun came to an end it was time for me to head back to town while everyone else had work and school off I again had work on Monday and a family dinner to attend at 6 that same night. 
The drive home was long and uneventful as I drove to meet my mama and stepdad at my other grandparents house for dinner. I spent the evening with my siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and parents and I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday surrounded my family. They truly are special to me and I love each of them dearly and treasure the time we spend together. The only thing that would have made this better would be if I got to spend one of my favorite holidays with my husband.
And that sums up my weekend darlings I hope you also had a wonderful easter holiday!

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