10 Things: March Edition

March 27, 2018
Hey y’all I’m back with another 10 things where we go over this months good, bad, great, and ugly. Honesty it took my way longer than normal to put this post together, I feel like march has flown by even though the days have seemed to just drag on, ya know?

1. First things first, as of March 27, 2018 we are officially 45 days into deployment and I still cry all the time. Im only kinda joking but really guys! We’re one month and a chunk of change into this thing and I’m so ready for it to be DONE! 

2. Do y’all like podcasts? I know I’m late to jump on this train but I never really could get into them until I found true crime ones. I have another post planned out that I’m working on going over my favorite ones I’ve found so far so stay tuned for that.

3. I finally got my hair done, and when I say fairly I mean I haven’t had it dyed in a very long time. I went back dark and had it trimmed up and I’m really loving the darker color because it’s so much closer to my natural hair color.

4. I celebrated my one month anniversary of being married to Matthew. And by this I mean he sent my flowers and a teddy bear that is very much larger than I am.

5. This phone case, I didn’t even realize until after I got it that it matches my glasses, it’s simply the cutest thing ever to me so of course I had to have it.

6. I got my hands on the new Day Designers like, the day they dropped. I still use the academic version so I can’t even use mine until June on this year but I knew the ones I always want are sold out when I get them later.

7. I started following The Front Door Project on Instagram and I am honestly obsessed with her and I really couldn’t even tell you why.

8. All the flowers on the trees are in bloom and I have quite a few that line the driveway so when the start to fall its like nature is throwing confetti everywhere and it is so pretty.

9. I go through kicks where I don’t really eat fast food Im not a big fan of it to begin with so its nothing for me to just not eat it for a while. But y’all I forgot how much I love CFA??

10. I have a scentsy to go in my room and I got new pods for in the scent mystery man and I am loving it. Its my favorite scent from then and the finally came out with the pods!!

Thats all for this month and I won’t keep you any longer. I hope you enjoyed!


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