10 Things: February Edition

February 20, 2018

Hey y’all I’m back with another 10 things where we go over this months good, bad, great, and ugly. And I hate to be a Debbie downer but I seem to have more sad news than happy. But thats just me missing Matthew I guess.

1).  As y’all probably know Matthew deployed recently and I am missing him terribly so. I’m having to do so many things on my own that we should be doing together and I just wish he was here but I know he had to go and I respect that greatly.
2). I’m binge watching fixer uppers in honer of this being their last season and it makes me so sad it’s coming to an end . Seriously everything they do is something I add to my mental list of house ideas. 
3). Flowers. I get flowers every year for my birthday and to make me feel better I’ve been keeping fresh ones in my room. I change them out when need be but they brighten up the room and just make me a bit happier.
4). I got a new pair of white converse and dropped them off today to get monogrammed with my new monogram and I am so so excited to get them back and wear them. 
5). My mom had talked me into going to them gym with her so I decided to turn it into a series on the blog. I think y’all will enjoy it because my mama is seriously so funny and hates working out. Not sure why she wants to go to the gym so bad but I plan to Instagram story it so be sure you follow me to stay updated!
6). Matthews battalion has a group for the spouses on social media and the never ending flow of post while at first was overwhelming is now so endearing. They really now how to make you feel welcomed and like you aren’t alone and someone always has the answer to the question you asked. 
7).  Y’all I don’t own these shoes but they have made their way to the top of my wishlist. They are so adorable and I have so many ideas for a spring shoot in my head for when I finally get my hands on them!
8). Speaking of spring. Im having major spring fever right now. North Carolina is have burst of warmer weather and while it’s in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s it’s lacking the humidity that we normally suffer from so it’s a nice change of pace. 
9). I’ve also come to realize that with spring right around the corner I’ve got a little pattern crazy. Everything is eyelet and gingham and many many more patterns. They are so fun and you can wear them in many different ways. I love fun pieces but I think I may be over doing it just a bit this year LOL!
10). I started writing in a journal, now while its more bible verses and prayers I do jot down feelings about the day or week and so on. I find it helps with taking the weight off my shoulders when I’m feeling down.
There you have it friends this months 10 things on my good bad great and ugly. I hope you enjoyed.

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