A weekend in my life

February 6, 2018
Hello again friends the last time I did a weekend in my life everyone seemed to really like it so here I am with another one! Hope y’all enjoy!

Friday I got up at 6:30 like I hate to do but ya girl works for a living. I made coffee and took my time getting ready because I didn’t hit snooze on my alarm ten million times. Work was work like always but this Friday was a bit more special we celebrated my birthday at work Friday and it was such a surprise to me!
I got flowers and a cake I just felt so honored they went out of the way to do this for me. It made a work day so much more enjoyable. Then after work I went and got my sister so we could get our nails done together and she spent the night. We had a fun time catching up and doing girly things, it had been a while. 


Saturday morning saw me being woken up before 7 to phone calls text messages and all kinds of other notifications with the best of wishes for my birthday. And while I wanted nothing more than to go back to bed I had plans to go get breakfast with my mom and step-dad. 
At breakfast we ran into extended family and friends and we even got sat down next to each other so it was really nice. I had the best French toast! Moving along, after breakfast I drove to meet Matthew and we decided to kill some time by ‘birthday’ shopping for the both of us, because while my birthday was the 3rd his is on the 12th. 
After our fun little shopping trip that he complained about the whole time but still enjoyed we went to my favorite restaurant to meet my dads side of the family for an early dinner. It was nice and I had a good time and some even better food. Moving on to later in the evening I did turn 21 so I had a small gathering of friends and family and had a few drinks but honestly I’m not the biggest fan of drinking but we still had fun.
Matthew and I also went to visit his dad and he made us a fire and we all sat outside fire for a bit and just caught up and ate s’mores. It was such a nice day and while I’ve never been the biggest fan of my birthday it was one for the books.

Nail Color// its some gel color at the place is go but its very similar to this one

Cardigan– This is old but I’ve linked similar // Shirt // Booties

Sunday was another busy busy day for me and Matthew. We got to sleep in which was nice for once. But 12:30 saw us having to be all the way on the other side of town to see his family. We had a very lovely lunch to celebrate his birthday early and mine a day late. 
Matthews younger sister made us a cake and it was seriously so cute and tasted as good as it looked. We spent time talking about our plans for the future and plans for his upcoming deployment which isn’t my favorite topic but it needed to be discussed.
When four rolled around we were heading back out to run a few errands. This past Sunday as I’m sure you were aware was also Super Bowl Sunday and I had everyone trying to get us to come out and watch the game. I had no desire to and Matthew didn’t feel like being around more large groups of people that day.
We eventually went back to my house where I changed packed a bag and then we were in the car again and heading to see a friend of his where we spent the night there. I don’t mind spending time with him and Tyler, it’s actually so fun to watch them interact because of how long they’ve been friends they just say the wildest things. 
I took Monday (today) off of work to spend with my honey and help his do some things like pack and get all his documents in line for deployment. For those of you who may not know he leaves this upcoming Saturday and I want to spend as much time with him as possible.
Honestly today flew by and as I sit here typing up this post I’m hit with the urge to cry because of the ache in my heart with the thought of missing him. But I’m going to do my best and stay strong.
Well thats all that I can spit out this evening guys I had some more things go on put they’re a secret right now and I’m sure I’ll be getting to let you all know soon!
-With love, 


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