10 Things: January Edition

January 30, 2018

Welcome back friends I’m here again with this months 10 things where I walk you through the good, the bad, the great, and the ugly things going on in my life this month. Lets jump right in shall we?

1. Starting with something blog related, I started a new series on my blog and although it hasn’t gone live yet I hope y’all love it as much as I do!
2. Ok, I have been in the worst mood lately it seems its never ending and Im truly so over it. I hate being ill and harsh all the time but I couldn’t seem to help it much this month.

3. I’m back on my iced coffee binge and man did I miss caffeine! (Side note: I often cut caffeine out of my daily diet just because I don’t like how it makes me feel)

4. A really good friend of mine owns and runs her own monogram shop and me being the true southern belle I am put my monogram on everything. I’ll link her shop here!

5. I regularly do blowouts and typically have some curl in my hair. With that being said I LOVE some volume in my hair and this thing right here takes the cake. Its awesome.

6. This Lilly print has stolen my heart and I want in framed and in my room.

7. Im currently looking for a new bible study plan and while I love She Reads Truth I want to try some new ones.

8. These highlighters. Im a planner snob and everything is color coded and they honestly make it so so much easier.

9. My current phone case. I got it when I got my new phone and let me let you not only is this thing sturdy. But it works in the super protective aspect also I have the habit of swinging my arms and often find my self accidentally throwing my phone and this thing is works so well!

10. I finally got my monogram put on my car and while thats not that big of a deal it makes me kinda giddy because its pink and I just love it so so much.

11. I know I know can I not count or what? I feel like I always have to through in Matthew because y’all this man in my everything and he makes my hear so full and happy and brightens my whole world. And honestly whats so funny is a verse I think of all the time when I think of him is James 1:17- “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” To add to the fact the ‘Matthew’ means a gift from God and I just am so blessed.

Okay sorry for being so sappy and rambling on and on but this in this months 10 things I hope y’all enjoyed it!

-With love,

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