Whats in my book bag

January 16, 2018

Hello friends, with the new year coming in that means winter break is coming to and end and school is back. Now while I no longer a campus student I still carry my book bag on days I have a large amount of assignments to work on.

And on days I don’t carry my book bag I bring a separate bag other that my purse that I keep my school work in. I remember things by writing them down which is why I still by notebooks instead of carrying just my laptop.
I have a love for Vera Bradley book bags I have since early on in high school and I carried that love with my into my college career. Now while the one I am currently is a summer pattern and is on sale and won’t be around for much longer but they have so many other ones too!

Like I said when I’m not carrying a book bag Im using just about anything else from those cute bags from TJMaxx to a long champ to my Barrington tote. Im not picky it’s normally just what I’m feeling that day or what matches better if I’m being honest here.

Now moving on to what actually goes in my bags. Of course I have your typical school things like pens and notebooks and my textbooks depending on what classes I’m working on that day. I also carry my planner everyday without fail its something I have to have on me (Its also available in mini size now!!)

I already have a whole post about my planner, what one I use, my thoughts on others I have tried and what pens I used for it you can read it here. Moving on, I’m not at all picky about note books that I use. I typically have single subject ones in differed colors so I can remember which is for which class.

I carry my laptop and all of the chargers I need, some days Ill throw a book or my nook in there also sometimes. A few random things I’ll have throw in there are things like headphones, a water bottle, my wallet. If I did my make-up or I dressed up more than usual Ill throw my make-up bag in there as well.

Thats really all there is to it guys. It varies all the time, sometimes the bag I’m using can be heavy to the point I don’t even want to cary it and other times it won’t bother me at all.

With love,

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