A weekend in my life

January 10, 2018

Hello again friends. For this post I decided to bring you along with my for my weekend. Most weekends I do the same few things but this weekend I went back down to the beach with a few of my siblings and what better time to make a blog post right?


On Friday morning I sadly had to report back to work after having Thursday off due to bad weather in my area. But we got a delay so it was almost like I was back in high school for a bit (lol!) The day seemed to drag on and if you’re friends with me on snapchat you’d know the sound system in our showroom is broken so when you turn it on it makes this awful screeching and banging noise. 
The rest of work was uneventful. No one really came in and the phones hardly rang. For lunch I had to run so errands and really that about sums up my work day on Friday. Normally it’s not like this but again because of the weather conditions it was pretty empty.

After work I had to pick up my sister because she was going to ride with me down there. The car ride with here like always is full on her telling my everything there is to know about whats going on with the people she goes to school with and jamming out to music.

This really sums up my Friday to a tee, not a lot wen on but thats okay I enjoy to rest and relaxation of a chill Friday night just as much as I enjoy the ones where I dress to the nines and go out for some fun.

iPhone case // Sweater (similar) // Jeans // Lipstick // Lipgloss


Saturday morning brought an early rise before the sun, a trip for coffee and then to the beach with warm blankets to watch the sunrise above the water, it was so pretty and truly magical. I see the sunrise most mornings when I get up for work but watching it over the waves was really just an amazing thing even if it was only 23 degrees outside.

After the sun had risen it was time to head back to the house where, if I’m being honest with y’all, I proceeded to climb back into bed until closer to lunch time where I once again got up and dressed this time for a day out and about with my family.

Lunch was at one of our favorite restaurants in Cherry Grove called Hickory Tavern. They have some of the best food for a sports bar like atmosphere. After lunch we decided to do a bit of shopping, but really who is even surprised right? It was freezing and with the outlets being open to the outsides it was quite and adventure.

Soon enough it was approaching five and we all piled back into the car to head to the house and get ready for dinner. Instead of simply eating at home like we so often do, we ended up buying tickets to see one of the many shows Myrtle Beach has to offer.

Throwing on heels to make my casual outfit a bit more ‘dressy’ and a darling faux fur coat I was all set for the evening. It’s only about a 20 min drive to the Medieval show so we were there just in time for the 6 o’clock show. We’ve seen this show many times before and its always that same just as the food is but we still enjoy doing things like this for the fun of it really.

We were lucky enough to get front row seats which never happens. Like I said before we reAlly have down this time or two but it never gets old. Maybe it’s the horses or the knights in shining armor or just the overall way back when vibes but I really do enjoy it every time.

Hoodie // Boots are from a thrift store


Sunday meant sleeping in for me this time. The cold seemed to seep in as the temperatures dropped to new lows. The late morning start was filled with coffee and lots of cleaning so the house would be ready the next time we happen to visit. But noon we were all packed up are ready to hit the road.

The journey back took longer than expected do to the many stop for food, gas, bathroom breaks and so on. It seems bringing an extra person home than just the original two called for it. We arrived at my dads house closer to 4 than the original ETA of about 3.

This out me getting to my own home closer to 5 and while I’m not complaining it gave little time to do all the things I had wanted to finish before nightfall that evening. In fact as I’m writing this I still have yet to finish my unpacking. But its okay for this next upcoming weekend I’ll be deep cleaning. everything.

I hope y’all enjoyed this little peep into what a weekend with me is like. They aren’t always like this but its nice to do a whole lot of nothing every once in a while ya know?

-With love, Brittany Michelle


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