Coffee Date NO. 2: Heres to the New Year

January 2, 2018

Hello again friends. As we continue on into the new year leaving 2017 behind us I wanted to take a small moment to reflect. Like everyone else I had good and bad times in 2017. 

For me it started out less than grand, now while I won’t go into it I’ll just say this. I could not go further down than where I had started at mentally and emotionally. But I rose up above it all and found good things in my struggles. I found happiness in my self as person and joy through my faith that I had lost in the battle. 
I found love in a friend I had known for years and in the that love I’ve found so much more. I found a backbone to stand for myself against those who wanted to tear me down and I found forgiveness for those same people. I found friendships and lost some too. 
But 2017 is over now and its time to stop looking back and to look forward. I have the highest of hopes for you 2018 and I know you won’t let me down. I rang in the new year with a small group of my friends and family and I couldn’t have asked for more a wonderful group of people to spend this holiday with. 
I stepped into 2018 with a happy heart and I plan for it to stay that way. For me this is the year I don’t better but build upon my self and my relationships I have with others and my relationship with God. I didn’t set “goals’ per-say but I have a few things I’d like to stick with this year and for the years to come. Now a few of these yes are goalish but I’m human and want to better more than my soul but my person as well!
1. Love unconditionally
2. Start my day earlier
3. Work on time management 
4. Do more yoga
5. Pray pray pray
6. Live in the moment
7. Be more social
8. Compromise more
9. No phone while driving
10. Work harder

These are just a few things I want be better at. I encourage everyone to write things down that they want to be better at or change or even things they want to have stay the same. Writing it down helps. Trust me.
With that being said I wish everyone the best of luck. 2018 is all of our year you have to not only believe it but work for it. 
So heres to the new year and better things.

-With love, Brittany Michelle

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