10 Things: December Edition

December 31, 2017

 Hello friends I’m back again with another 10 things for this month where I walk you through the good, the bad, the great, and the ugly of all the things that happened this month. So lets jump right in shall we?

1. First things first at the beginning of this month I was sick and it was terrible when I finally got over the whole actually feeling yucky part I couldn’t get rid of this awful cough! 
2. I fall in love with all the Christmas trees and lights. They are one of the best parts about the holiday season everything is all lit up and bright and I just find so much happiness in it all. 
3. My honey is home!! My heart is so full that I get to spend the holiday season with him I was starting to think I wouldn’t be able to but I’m so so happy to be wrong in this case.

4. I went to see some of the lights with Matthew and his family and it was wonderful.

5. Also left the Friday before Christmas we and spent that time at the beach even though it was cold Oak Island is such a pretty place to be and with it not being tourist season its almost a ghost town.

6. I got sick again and have stayed that way, it’s not fun in the slightest.

7. G-eazy dropped his newest album this month and your girl is living for it. Seriously so good.

8. Christmas christmas christmas. It’s so magical and I love spending that time with my family and Matthews too! We had such exciting news we got to share with them this holiday and it made it all that much more special.

9. On top of all the great things that have happened this month there has also been some bad times like there always it and Matthew has been there for me more than ever lately and Im so thankful for him.

10. I’ll be ringing in the New Year with the love of my life and really what more can I ask for?

2017 you and I have had our ups and downs but when it comes to it you’ve blown me away. God had blessed my life so much this past year and has given and bettered my life much more that I could have ever hoped for. You’ve given my things I didn’t even know I needed in my life until I had them. So heres to 2018 and the continuing of better things to come.

-With love, Brittany Michelle

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