Productive Sick days

December 13, 2017

All the presents and placed under the tree with care. Wrapped in shiny paper and tied with lovely ribbon. But placed upon these gifts are labels with warnings, “Oh no! Don’t you dare! NO peaking until Christmas morning is here!” But worry not friends Im doing special edition blog post today to help with the Christmas cheer.

Today I’ve done nothing but lay around sick and in bed until about 10:30. Its boring and and laying around while Im at home makes me feel worse because I know I have so much to do. So I had the idea to blog while I do all sorts of things while trying to clean my home and prepare for Christmas. Im going to give you the play by play of my day that helps bring back the holiday spirit after feeling down about being scolded for shacking the present boxes! (lol.)
So the first thing I did was find my winter pajama set, they’re plaid and warm and I love everything about them. I got mine from target and ugh they are they best in my opinion. Next I head to the kitchen and get everything ready to make a stove top potpourri. They make the whole house smell positively wonderful! The recipes I got are linked here. My personal favorite is the cinnamon, peppermint, and pine.

Now on to the cleaning, honestly this part is boring but I made it fun by listening to Christmas music. I noticed the Grinch was on and opted for having that play in the background for a bit while I finished up some chores I had fallen behind on. 
I know I know cookies are so Christmasy right? But I was really craving some brownies and in honor of Christmas I made them look like Christmas trees! I got the idea from Pinterest.
Lastly as I was winding down and getting low on energy (I’m sick remember lol) I decided to sit by the tree and try and wrap the last few gifts I have before they go under the tree. Im thinking about doing a separate post on the gifts I got for people this year. Im really into cute creative and personalized gifts so I think I will It’ll just go up after the 25th! 
-With love, Brittany Michelle

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