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October 24, 2017
Okay guys, lets talk about planners. In my last post I mentioned how I thinks its so so important to have a planner in school (high school or college). So I thought I’d give you the run down on my thoughts, what planner I use, and how I use it on the day to day basis. 

In this picture you can see the planner I’m currently using and the two I used last year. I don’t actually have every planner from high school up to now, after Ive gotten my use out of them I normally give them to my little sister. She likes to play with them and make pretend (she’s nine lol).

What Planner did I use?

First lets talk about the planners from last year. My sophomore year of college I had so much going on I used two different Lilly Pulitzer planers. One for academics and one for more social, family, and club related things. As you can see its honesty a mess my hand writing isn’t the best but thats fine. More about the Lilly planners; Lilly planner are weekly planners the have the monthly spread at the beginning of each month, they go from August of one year to December of the next. Now while I adored my Lilly planner all though out high school, in college I found myself needing more space to get everything written down to the point I had to get a second one. Now some people don’t have this problem but during the school year I have so much going on I needed something I could be more meticulous with my day to day life.

What planner Do I use now?

The planner I currently am use is the Day Designer, down below I just have a picture of the monthly spread. But this planner has a page for each day on the month. The day starts at 5 a.m. and goes to 9 p.m. While also a side of the page for a todo list, the top three things you want to get done that day, what you eat for dinner, a notes section, and a daily gratitude. One of my favorite things about the Day designer is that at the top of every page there is an inspirational quote.

Which do I recommend?

The planner you choose to buy is completely up to you, I personally love both quite a bit, somedays I find myself missing the Lilly planner but knowing the Day Designer is just what I need right now. I may switch back next year who knows? A big factor in this though is price point. The Lilly planner depending on what size you get (the large is the most common) it can be anywhere from about $24-$35. While the Day Designer sits at about $60-$64. 
Current Lilly Planner
Current Day Designer  (on sale right now!)

How do I use my planner?

My boyfriend always jokes I’m crazy about organization which I don’t think is true, but I do like to color code my planner and use sticky notes. I use a color for one thing, like family is pink, school work is blue, blog post are yellow and so on. I use sticky notes for things I don’t have room for on the pages of my planner. I also use a big paper clip to get my current day and the monthly over view together. For my color coding I find that these pens are my favorite I used whatever highlights I can find to match and the just any black pen I like at the time.
I hope this helps you find you perfect planner, of course their are awesome brands I didn’t mention these are just the one I have personally tried out for myself.
-With love, Brittany Michelle

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